After the new CEO, the Volkswagen Group, the new energy vehicle has been “like a rocket to sit on the Masque”, and the results are true, recently, the public car group has announced the first 20020 global sales: all-year global delivery 9.3 million, of which 231,600 pure electric vehicles were sold than 214% over 73,700 vehicles in 2019!

Volkswagen Group 2020 new energy car sales year-on-year increase

From the specific model, the public sells the best pure electric vehicle model, which is the public Id.3 in the middle of the middle of the 2020, with sales of 5,6500, followed by Audi E-TRON, Volkswagen E Golf, Volkswagen E-Up! Porsche Taycan, sales are 47,300, 41,300, 22,000, 20,000 units. As the first pure electric vehicle ID. 3 under the MEB architecture, with excellent product competitiveness, the Volkswagen attacks the new energy car market to start the first gun.

Volkswagen ID.3

Although the public ID. 3 has not yet entered the Chinese market, the public ID. 3 Tongyu – Siyu E10X has opened pre-sale, Si Wei E10X is an electric car, mainly aiming at mini pure electric car market. At present, this segment, Wuling Hongguang Mini relys the price of the bottom, it is called the king; and there is a strong enemy such as Baojun, Euler, Chery, Changan, has established a respective rivers and lake status, especially Eura with its own personalization. The design of the model has won the young people, and the Chery small ant has also attracted a large number of pursuit of practical young people with practicality.

Volkswagen new pure electric trolley Siyu E10X

However, the above models, in front of the Volkswagen Si E10X, it is estimated to stand on the side, and there are three core reasons.

Cause 1: Volkswagen brand blessing. Whether it is Wuling Hongguang or Baojun, Euler, Chery, Chang’an, is still a self-owned brand, and Si Wei is a brand of mass, a pure mass, a genuine joint venture brand, is not to say that the joint venture brand must be better than independent brands. Ok, but it is undeniable that in some young people, the joint venture represents peace of mind and trust. This is the brand value. Otherwise, the major cars does not have to spend hundreds of millions of yuan every year to increase the brand image and value.

Volkswagen new pure electric trolley Siyu E10X

Cause 2: The product is super powerful. Lao Luo made a comprehensive comparison of Wulinghong MINI, Euler, Chery Small Ant, and the products of Siyu E10X four vehicles have been a comprehensive comparison. It is found that Siyu E10X is equipped with a number of unique luxurious and practical configurations, such as pole, V2L / V2V externally discharge, personalized table, sports seat, mobile phone wireless charging, LCD central control large screen and LCD instrument and LED large Lights, etc., in addition, Siyu E10X is also far better than other three models, Si Wei E10X is safely described as layers guard: TPMS, EPB, AutoHold, motor redundant brake, front and rear anti-collision beams, Anti-collision-collision-absorbent directional pillar, latter child safety protection door lock, vehicle speed induction automatic locking, collision automatic unlocking function + tail door escape switch, collision automatic power-on protection, pedestrian warning system VSP, etc. should have.

Volkswagen new pure electric trolley Siyu E10X

Reason three: The price is too killing. It is reported that the Volkswagen’s new car Siyu E10X, the battery life ranges from 150 km to 302 kilometers, the pre-sale price is from 39,900 to 78,900 yuan. 399 million yuan can buy a most abundant, safest, intelligent, maximum space, the latest designed thinking E10X, consumers are not a fool, they will count a bill, and how to buy Siyu E10X They are all stable.

Volkswagen new pure electric trolley Siyu E10X

Adhering to the mass brand gene, the strength of its own products is hard, the price has killer, the listing of Si Wei E10X will change the competition pattern of the miniature pure electric vehicle market, according to the current news: Si Wei E10X will be listed in March, the good play is about Defold, let us wait and see whether this new car can capture young people.

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