How about Chery Big Ants? What is the real owner feedback in your group?

A Beijing friend who holds the family number indicator and presents the above two questions.

I asked him to see the big ants?

He said a few:

First, this is the most cost-effective medium-sized SUV below 200,000, suitable for a family of people;

Second, all aluminum body, listening and speaking safety is guaranteed, and lightweight is good, and it is guaranteed;

Third, there is a few after the same level, and the sense of operation is good.

I said, you have an answer in your heart, and ask us?

He said, still want to see the feedback from the real car, because some problems can only be found after depth after use. I know the advantages before buying the car, there is a number in my heart.

To talk about the real experience, “Electric Vehicle Association” communication group’s big ant owner “a look” is a very suitable candidate, there are a few points:

First, the big ant is his second tram. He started driving a tram in 2018, and many deep cognitions have been accumulated to the tram;

Second, in 4 months, he opened more than 7,000 kilometers, and it can be said that there must be a certain voice.

Third, from the beginning of November, he continued to make a record of several months, and the big ants continued to air.

Fourth, his car has been repaired, and the service of Chery is experienced.

So, we have a deep interview with a break, talking twice, once an hour, half an hour.

Finally, the essence of the whole, nearly 6,000 words. Considering the length of the space, I will refine the theme first:

1. The primary principle of I buy a tram: must be a pure power platform

2, how do I give up GAC EX5 and Geely Geometric C

3, the pure electric platform, the car is large, 200,000, I identified big ants

4, after picking up the car in April, count the advantages and disadvantages of large ants

5,510 kilometers of battery life is complete enough, but I plan to do a year of electricity consumption record to see it four seasons

6. I expect Chery: change the traditional car enterprise model, and the user is picked up

The above is the main content of this article, you can see the end from the beginning, you can only look at the part of interest. If you have a meaning to big ant, you must read it all, because it’s dry goods.

The following is a story about a look, and is organized by the “Electric Vehicle Association”.


The primary principle of my tram: must be a pure power platform

I am Ningbo people, and the group often has a car friend asking me, you are in Ningbo, why do you still buy a tram?

Introduction, I actively embraced the tram. I know Beijing, many people buying a tram because of the limit, restricted, and must not be selected. I am not, I have been paying attention to the tram in 2018, because the tram is very comfortable, the cost is also lower than the fuel car, so I bought a Chery small ant.

The little ant has been opened for two years, except for the small point, I am very satisfied in other respects. Since then, I will no longer consider the oil car.

The latest small ants (Queen Edition)

The main reason for this shift is that the space of small ants is unable to meet my family needs. My wife is in the village. Every time I go, our six squeezes in the small ants, four adults, two children, very inconvenient.

But I have a primary principle to buy a pure electric platform.

I think a tram starts from the birth, and its chassis and spatial structure should be considered for the battery, rather than playing patch on the basis of the oil car, otherwise it is not a real tram. The structural framework of the whole vehicle must be born for the battery. Only in this way, the performance of the tram will actually exhibit.

You see Tesla chassis, which is for battery design, and the entire framework is for the battery. The battery is a whole, integrated with the chassis, and the entire chassis is very uncommon. This is the real pure electric car.

You look at the cars that oil to electricity, but just add a piece of battery on the oil frame. Their chassis and Tesla are different. The battery is changed, where there is a pit, where to fill it, the chassis is not flat. Going to the end, life is not going, the performance is not good, it is not exhausted, and I don’t think it is not considered.

I bought a little ant is also going to go. In 2018, this trolley only has small ants. At that time, the model of the fraud was mostly, they basically changed, I found a long time, I found a small ant. Little ants are not fraudulent, it is a new design, cars built in all aluminum alloys.

Although the platform of small ants is not a very pure pure electric platform (“electric car user alliance” Note: The LFS platform of small ants is a completely developed pure electric platform, and the @life platform currently producing big ants is actually from the LFS platform. Evolution), but it is indeed a brand new thing. Its battery and other structures are optimized according to the trolley itself, not what other oils change. So I finally selected a small ant.


How do I give up GAC EX5 and Geely C?

This truck is also the same, the first must first be a pure electric platform.

In addition, I have two requirements:

1, the space is large, the car or SUV is running.

2, the price is not too expensive, my budget is within 200,000.

I have been paying attention to the tram, and the new and old forces have launched any new car. I basically know. Therefore, I don’t have to deliberately go to the Internet, I have a number in my heart.

However, the good car of the real pure electric platform is very expensive, and the start is more than 200,000. Xiaopeng P7, BYD Han, these are very good, but more than the budget, I will not consider it. The price range within 200,000 is completely satisfied with the real ants. But I also read Guangzhou V, Weima EX5, Geometric A, Geometric C these four cars.

Guangqi Yan has not had a store in Ningbo. She only opened the first store in the beginning of 2020. I haven’t tried driving earlier. But Ean V is a model I have considered, and the manufacturer has been promoting it is the pure electric platform.

After Yon V listed, I went to see their houses. Overall, this car is OK, the work is quite good, the configuration is also ok. But I didn’t test drive. When I went to see, the sales talked driving out, I didn’t open it.

After a while, the sale gave me calls to call me, but I refused. Because of that time, GAC Ean S has kept burning, and there are so many places in a breath, too exaggerated. This makes me very worried about the safety of Guangzhou Automobile, causing me to dispense the idea of ​​buying Ean V.

Of course, I don’t want to buy Ean V. It is too expensive. It is too expensive. If the various configurations are added, if the configuration is added to the equivalent level of the big ant, the price is tens of thousands.

And Weima, I think it is a fake new force. When I started to pay attention, I still don’t know, I will see the first car 2 meters 7 axis, the second car 2 meters 71 wheelbase, the third car 2 meters 715 axis, proper The pseudogenization is undoubtedly. Because this wheelbase is very typical oil-drive wheel distance, China’s best-selling SUV oil car is this wheelbrow. We also hold these things and keep tossing, bringing the chassis of others, and sells a shell. This is not thinking about me. Therefore, decisively give up.

Later, in August 2020, the geometric C listed. This car, I tried driving, the overall feeling, it is good. Prior to this, I also participated in a three-day test drive activity in Geometric A, I opened 3 days, and I feel that the car is okay. The battery should be very good, but the battery is still a few folds, I opened 55 kilometers, and I lost 85 kilometers.

I don’t think people who don’t mind the pure electric platform, buy these two cars or no problem. The geometric look is good, quite quite quite, the wind resistance is also low, it is very comfortable.

However, when I see the geometric C’s preview, my heart is really cool.

You see this chassis, the battery will be filled with the potholes of the oil car.

Speaking of this, in fact, I am a little disappointed, I have been very good to Geely, but I don’t understand why it is to persist in oil to change? I am really anger, I can’t fight, I can’t help but know the post, seek an answer, I can’t finally.

As a result, until the end of last year, Geely launched the lead Zero before they started to truly pure electric platform.


The pure electric platform, the car is large, 200,000, I identified big ants

In contrast, the information of Chery gave me indeed the strength of these two years, research and development, and the car level have great improvements. It is an independent brand of enterprising. I am willing to support it.

I forgot to pay attention to the big ants. I remember to see the news of this car inadvertently, saying that Qi Rui is about to launch a new platform, and the name is still not fixed. Later, I went to find the information of this car carefully, I feel that this car is good. The car is also quite large, the space is also large, or the pure electric platform.

Later, there was more information about the big ant pure electric platform. I have seen it, I feel that this car is really very particular.

1. It is made of all-aluminum, aluminum alloy materials account for 86% of the entire body, and the strong place is very strong. For example, important parts of the chassis are aluminum materials, which is more robust than steel materials of the general car.

2, light weight is also done. Because of a large amount of aluminum alloy, the large ant body skeleton is 250kg, which is much larger than the type of car.

3. There is also anti-torsional strength of 27000 nm / deg. Honestly, I didn’t understand this, I didn’t understand this. I only felt that this technology was very cow, very good, at least the safe guarantee of the safe body.

4, there is still what the B column is also strengthened.

This is the feeling of Chery PPT, I really look at the technology of Qiui, and its application of the whole aluminum platform is very good.

Because this all-aluminum platform, the chassis of the car is guaranteed, and the battery will make the battery have a better space, and the battery life will be better.

After I finished these, I basically determined to buy this car.

In September, I saw the news that this car began to sell, and it was decisive. At that time, the pre-sale policy of big ants was very powerful, only 999 yuan, and that money can be returned. If you repent, you can unsubuse it at any time, and you will not give you another loss.

During the pre-sale period, it also provides three electric lifetime warranty, life free basis maintenance and whole-vehicle lifetime warranty. This car is equivalent to the use of cars. As long as you don’t have any big accidents, you don’t go to run, you have almost no other cost, pay a charge.

Although I have already approved, I bought this car, but I didn’t see the real car at that time, I didn’t test drive, I am in a hurry, I have been waiting. I was later listed, and they didn’t test drive in their stores, only one exhibition car. At that time, I also had a bit of colors, and I chose blue green or gray. Because the exhibition cars are too small, I have never seen the blue green, I have no bottom, I don’t dare to get determined, and I will choose gray. It was only until the day before the car was taken. I went to open that day, I feel that it is still very comfortable, it is a bit big, but it is not in trouble.

I have been waiting for more than 40 days, and I got the car on October 26.


After picking up the car in April, count the advantages and disadvantages of large ants.

I have already mentioned more than 4 months old. I have opened more than 7,000 kilometers. The performance of big ants is consistent with I expected, and I have summed up.

First, the advantages:

1. Appearance atmosphere. The appearance of big ants is far more shock than the photo. I just opened to the company. I was praised for three days. Later, he also went to check the information.

2, the space is big. Don’t say anything else, our six mouth sitting in the car is still very spacious.

3, the interior design is very good, there is high level. In the large ant trunserge, there is some hard plastic, but I don’t feel the feeling of the view. And its seat thief is comfortable, the rear row is more comfortable than the front row. There is no taste in the car in the car.

4, cost performance. I also mentioned the front, such a big car, such a life, or a pure electric platform, 16.98 million will get it, which car can be more than?

5, it is very stable. The chassis of big ants is very solid, not soft, not loose, so it is very comfortable.

The disadvantage is as follows, some have changed, some really can’t change:

1. The sound of the door and closing is not very advanced. Some cars are very solid, and it is very dull, and the big ants are poor.

2, the wind noise is a bit big, the five or sixty yards can hear.

Its wind noise is very dispersed, chaotic, not neat, not linear. I feel that the wind is in your car, and both the ears are heard.

But its absolute value of the entire car noise is not large. I think someone is testing. It seems that the absolute value is quite low. All our owners feel very shocked, absolutely so low. It is estimated because it is that there is no other voice of the tram, so the wind noise is too big, it is always a big noise, but its absolute value may not be so big, just feel obvious.

3, the car machine of the big ant is closed, almost no, what APP can not be installed, only two or three comes with the program, cool my music, network radio, there is navigation, no other video software.

At first, the system is unstable, but since the 03 version is upgraded to the 04 version, the system has stabilized a lot, and the various small faults have nothing.

However, it is rest assured that even if the driver crashes, it will not affect normal driving, driving is safe. Driving aids have always been effective, and the blind zone can use such functions, and there is no impact.

I think some things in the bottom of the big ants should have not linked with the car, so I said that the car crash is nothing. How can your car still open, it will restart after the crash will be restarted. Conservative also has a conservative benefit.

However, the disadvantage is disadvantage, no car is perfect. For the whole, big ants are still worthwhile, you let me choose another time, I also choose it.


510 kilometers of battery life is complete enough, but I plan to do a year of power consumption record to see it four seasons

I found that the life of life and the style of the driver have a relationship. What kind of driving style, what kind of battery life is. No matter what tram you open, a few folds is still a discount, and there is no relationship with the car.

If your driving style is very gentle, then what car do you have to make a high time. For me, my little ant, I have been driving for two years, and the performance of the tram will have a number, especially in the endurance.

According to my way, it will be 50% off in winter. I didn’t rude, but it was not that kind of gentle, it won’t slowly, let others have been pressing the speaker, and I am still relatively radical.

According to this opening, I have opened all the cars, 56 fold, unless I change the opening method, for example, the ultimate gentleness suddenly became violent, that case is different.

Therefore, I don’t recommend that the person in buying the tram for the first time believes that “myths” of the endurance of eight or five fold. Because your own way, I decided how it was a fold, you feel that life is very real, but this is not your own normal start. Therefore, you don’t need to entangle life, you can say that all brands of car return is eight or nine. The same one is open, keep your own style constant, then the same discount.

However, there are still many people who have tangled big ants how many kilometers. To this end, I decided to make a power consumption meter, showing this to the national group, giving them what the actual situation is. This table is starting from November 13th. I plan to do a year, at least look at various changes in the four seasons of the year.

(Big ants winter battery life: folding full power actual battery life = actual mileage / actual consumption SOC)

At present, compared with my little ants, the average power consumption of big ants is turned over, and the little ants are about 10, 11, and the big ants have more than 20, and the basic records inside the form are 20 many. Of course, this is actually not comparative, which is equivalent to the flying and Hanland Dada. In November, we have been driving in Shanghai, and the long-distance experience is quite good. I also tried the speed cruise. I have been very satisfied. However, this car is too big, the power consumption is faster, and the middle is charged. The high-speed discount is still very big, plus the weather is relatively hot, but also open air conditioners, the speed of 120km / h, and the battery will be 60% off.

But for me, 510 kilometers of life is also complete enough. I usually don’t run long distance, mainly to get off work, if there is no additional planning, 300 kilometers per week, basically a week to charge.


My expectations of Chery: changing traditional car enterprises model, and

In addition, Chery’s service is also worth saying, I don’t know what the field is, but Ningbo’s service is very good, I am very satisfied.

I have tried this car several times, there are many small problems, so in our riders, everyone calls me “a relax”. I don’t mind myself, this is also something that can’t, I am going to be unlucky, and someone else’s cars are not like me. I can also understand that some small problems in the new platform are inevitable, and they will be repaired.

Their attitude is very good, but also take the initiative to give me a single step. They say that you will leave the car, and we will take these questions all over again. I am very familiar with them now, just like a friend, it is very satisfied with their services.

Moreover, repairing these doesn’t have to spend money, because my big ant has a whole-heart quality insurance.

However, I think Chery should do new energy and need to change the thinking of traditional cars.

Traditional cars are like this, just for selling vehicles, there is a problem, no contact with the owner, the owner can’t find the manufacturer. Whether it is a luxury brand such as BBA (Mercedes, BMW, Audi) or other cheap brands, if the car has a problem, the user doesn’t talk to Mercedes, BMW, Audi can’t do it. You can only go with 4S shop, then 4S shop and The manufacturer began to stop playing the skin.

This approach is completely different from the new forces, Xiaopeng, which can talk directly to the user, can hear the user’s ideas. This approach is the fastest when you really want to solve the problem, and it is also the most effective. Wei Si, Xiaopeng has its own user community, users, suggestions can be said.

Therefore, I have 2 suggestions for Chery:

1. Change your thinking.

2, you must realize that the owner is the largest wealth.

We will buy Chery’s car is for trust. If Chery is found to build an official WeChat group, pull us in, and the technician also pulled in. What questions we have found, the first time will talk to them, they can get the information in time, then improve it, this is more convenient!

Moreover, we have a lot of talents in our car owners. They are all willing to analyze problems with the company, solve problems together, this is much better than engineers “closed car”.

If Chery new energy can do this, then really seize the essence of the Internet age, and it is a piece with users.

This is what I want to say to Chery, I hope they have greater progress.

(This article is over)

“Electric Vehicle Association” is a platform focused on the story of electric car users, telling users to tell the truth.

We have built a number of WeChat communities, and the original intention is to provide a better communication platform for the owner. When the owner’s interest is damaged, we will give the necessary support with the media’s position.

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