Nowadays, there are more and more luxury electric vehicles, in the domestic market, BYD Han EV, Xiaopeng P7 is a representative work of high-end electric sedan, with BYD Han EV because of the color of the Chinese style and blade battery. Many consumers are sought after. With the continuous appearance of competitors, BYD Han EV is constantly challenging, such as the second electric vehicle launched by the North Auto Arcfox today, is also the first electric car, named αS. The car will be listed in March, let’s take a look.

In terms of appearance, let’s take a look at its front face, the overall design style of the front face is still very simple, and a few lines on the hood are connected to “V” shape, just like “V”, small face is still very Aesthetic. The headlights on both sides are also a relatively slender shape, plus the lowermost trapezoidal grid, creating a very attractive smile, especially on both sides of the grill extending on the corner The line is very like a smile, and the width of the head is elongated by the visual effect.

The overall shape of the side is rounded, and the lines are also very smooth, plus slipped design is also a smuggling of the body’s smuggling. The hidden door handle design allows the entire side to be more unified, large-sized petal multi-wheel modeling makes the entire side exquisite also increases.

The shape of the car is also conforming to the style of the overall body, and the through taillights plus slightly posed hips, so that the entire car should look unfair than the front of the head. Plus the overall vehicle body length wide size of 4930mm / 1940mm / 1599mm, the body and appearance of the whole car are also a number of two levels.

The overall interior belongs to a very stable type, the overall dark color, plus the large-screen control desk, which is almost no physical buttons, which makes the entire interior have increased a lot. But it doesn’t seem to have a sense of technology, it supports the functions of three-screen linkage, face recognition, etc. The driving intelligence system for the whole car is very good.

In terms of power, Beiqi Arcfox αs has two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive two versions to choose from, the maximum power of the motor is 160kW, and the peak torque is 360n.m. The battery life is also divided into two versions, from 603km and 708 kilometers, respectively, and is a leader in life. Such a car, what do you think can successfully impact the current domestic luxury electric car?

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