As a BYD car in China’s new energy vehicle enterprise, in these years, we have gradually started a famous gas, and the sales of new energy auto markets have also achieved good results. But as the industry leader, BYD is obviously not satisfied, in early 2021, BYD released the fourth-generation DM hybrid technology, and introduced a super mixed DM-I platform. Among them, humanized subdivision is two technologies for energy-saving and power performance. Today, the three of the BYD in March will be built based on both platforms.

BYD Qin Plus DM-I

BYD Qin Plus DM-i’s body size is 4765mm * 1837mm * 1495mm, the wheelbase is 2718mm, and there is a good car in the car. In the interior, a suspended oversized medium control screen is used with a liquid crystal instrument panel, which looks full of technology. It is designed by the DM-I platform for energy-saving, saving, which is clearly a good choice for the owner of the oil consumption, and the owner of the oil consumption. In terms of power, BYD Qin Plus is equipped with a 1.5L natural intake engine that matches the EHS electric mixing system, the maximum power is 160kW, and the speed is only 7.9 seconds, the maximum battery can reach 1180km. In addition, new cars will also launch another maximum power 173KW, the power selection of maximum battery 1200km.

BYD Song Plus DM-I

The biggest highlight of this car is that the interior configuration is high, coupled with a new power system, is also the biggest selling point of BYD Song Plus DM-I. The basic paragraph is equipped with an 8-inch suspended medium control screen, matching keyless open, start function. It also has a smart music cockpit, and the mute privacy glass design is highly designed.

In terms of power, Song Plus DM-i is equipped with a 1.5L natural gas intake engine and the EHS mixing system, the battery life and fuel consumption are also its largest highlight. The fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is only 4.5L, and the maximum battery can reach 1200km. This new car also offers two power options.


As the three medium-term change models of the main power upgrade, BYD Tang DM-I did not make too many adjustments in the design, slippery model and suspended roof can be said to bring some surprises to the owner. In terms of interior, there is still a rotatable large-scale control screen with a scientific and technological spoken side, and the metal brushed panel makes this car interior look more high-end.

In terms of power, BYD Tang DM-I uses a front wheel drive design, equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with an EHS electric mixing system, a hundred kilometers fuel consumption is only 5.3L. The maximum power of this car is 139 ps, the maximum torque is 231N ยท m. This car also provides two models of battery life, with 52km and 112km battery life, comprehensive battery life to 1010LM and 1050km.

For the three plug new cars that BYD will be listed in March, don’t know how you think?

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