As the evergreen tree in the domestic auto industry, Geely Automobile has excellent user reputation for many years. The high-end brand packet is born in Jilly and Volvo. However, in recent years, new energy vehicles, especially pure tram types, rapid development, and many brands have launched the high-end pure electric brands, jointly compete for this broad market, but Geely cars seem to move slowly in this regard. Not long ago, Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holdings Group, revealed in a speech, Geely Group will integrate power, form a new pure electric car company, with other pure tram type competition.

Li Shufu said that the Group will summarize in the past experience and form two blue Geely Action Plan. On the one hand, it plans to produce energy-saving and new energy vehicles, 90% of these energy mixed powered vehicles, 10% are fuel version small displacement cars. On the other hand, it is planned to produce the current mainstream pure electric smart cars, Geely will create a new pure electric car brand, compete with many competitors in the intelligent pure electric car market.

In fact, Geely has always moved in the new energy field. Geely has launched new energy models such as Geometric A, Geometric C, Evhao EV, but several models have a total sales volume of 68,000. It is necessary to know that the accumulated car sales of Geely Group has reached 1.32 million, and the proportion of sales of new energy models only accounts for 5.2% of all sales. In 2018, Li Shufu, chairman, publicly made it, in 2020, to achieve new energy vehicle sales account for more than 90% of the overall sales, and pure tram type sales accounts for 35%. This plan is far from the actual situation, so Geely can also push new brands will understand.

This time, Geely Group moved quickly. On January 11, 202, Geely Group signed an agreement with the domestic Internet giant Baidu, and officially cooperated to make a car. On January 13, Geely joined Foxconn to form a new company. On January 19th, Geely signed an agreement with another Internet giant Tencent, will work around smart car, automatic driving, digital marketing and other aspects.

This series of movements have shown that Geely this confidence is strong, and it is determined to have a big exhibition in the new energy field. As early as September 2020, Geei released a new pure electric product platform, which is a vast platform of SEA. The platform has been designed to actually use, and it has been 4 years and spent 18 billion yuan. Based on the new energy pure tram type created by the platform, the battery can reach 700 kilometers. The power battery can also be guaranteed that there is no attenuation within 200,000 kilometers, which can be said to be strong.

In the current new energy car field, Tesla, BYD, Yulai, Xiaopeng, etc., is developing rapidly, and electric vehicles are more and more serious for traditional fuel cars, and intelligent electric vehicles are already The general trend. Therefore, strong Geely Group launched a new brand, for the market and consumers, it is a good thing.

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