As we all know, domestic Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is the best-selling micro electric vehicle created high heat. And in Japan, microcons are more common. There is such a car, the appearance is better than Wuling Hong Kong MINI EV, the interior is more technological, it is Honda E, let us take a look.

Let’s take a look at this front face design, the whole is a very cute style, the closed intake grille makes the whole face of the whole face, the round lights on both sides have used a black decoration. The board is connected, and the whole face is like a small raccoon is as cute. There is no line in the whole face, and the whole is a light and round feeling, which is in line with the overall cute style. The black block on the hood also makes the whole face look very happy, the two-color vehicle body and the bottom of the bottom are surrounded by the uniformity of the front face color.

The overall shape of the side is like a toast. There is a circular or uncomfortable shape, the black roof and the bottom of the black, and the black design of the rear view mirror will make it the overall color match. It is also very resistant. . But very interesting is that its rear view mirror is actually not a traditional rear view mirror, its rear view mirror is displayed on the screen on both sides of the car, and the sense of technology is also very good.

Look at its car tail design, don’t look close to you seem to tell the difference between the car head, the shape of the whole car is similar, but it is the shape of the car, plus the color of the taillight, just Like the eyes of the head discolored. Overall has no obvious lines, just use the block area of ​​different colors to distinguish between levels. Overall is really a very novel and very personality.

Interiors, we have said before, on both sides of the rearview mirror, two 6-inch screen plus the dashboard and the central control screen, the entire center console is like the feeling of monitoring the background center, the whole The console is a screen. This design is still very rare, very technological, but there is something cumbersome.

There are two models in terms of power, and the charging speed is also very considerable, and the power of 80% is only less than 30 minutes. The life will reach 220 kilometers, and this life will also fully meet daily travel. However, the price of the car is not cheap, up to 4.51 million yen, how do you see this?

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