Recommended reason: Mask is an entrepreneur who is extremely good at manufacturing “news” or says its own “hot search” physique. In 2020, Mask has been hot in the richer list several times, and because of many times to respond to Tesla or Spacex is hot, even for sale, they can dance. In 2020, Masque did not know how many people or things.

In 2019, Tesla, Turla, has not yet now “Ling all beings” momentum, but its boss – Elon Mask said: Tesla does not need advertising marketing, “said” . In October 2020, Tesla, which does not require advertising marketing, has become the core public relations team in the US headquarters, and has become the world’s first and media “broken” in the global car manufacturer.

Yes, Tesla, which is known as the advertising marketing, is now not low in the global auto market. In 2020 Testra became the world’s best-selling electric vehicle manufacturer, it became the highest car manufacturer of the world, even Mask is also impacts the world’s richest.

So, can Tesla’s “No Advertising Marketing Mode” can be copied? can! But not every company has a top flow “net red”, a strong IP, such as Mask, as a boss.

“Taoist said car” editor noted that Mask is an entrepreneur who is extremely good at manufacturing “news” or says its own “hot search” body. In 2020, Mask has been hot in the richer list several times, and because of many times to respond to Tesla or Spacex is hot, even for sale, they can dance. In 2020, Masque did not know how many people or things.

Even with a very high thermal and influence, Masque also has a good record in “belt”. Previously, Mask made himself in the CLUBHOUSE to chat with you through the social platform. This software rushed to the software hot download list. He was affected by this, and the market value of Clubhouse has soared to $ 1 billion, Clubhouse The invitation code has even been fried by the ox to 150 US dollars. What is the “advertising marketing” with Mask’s Tesla?

Of course, the ultra-high heat and influence will always drop, Mask’s “traffic” is also constantly accumulated, let alone, he is still a multifisa.

Mask entrepreneurs

Born in 1971 in South Africa, the Mask, which is in a single-parent family, is almost two words around “entrepreneurship”.

In 1995, Masqueben should continue to study in Stanford University, but he strongly realizes that the wave of Internet is coming, and when you are in just two days, you will have a first company in your own life and your brother. ZIP2 (Zip2 can be understood as “American Yellow Pages”).

In 1999, ZIP2 was acquired by Compaq at $ 350.7 billion in prices, and 7% of Masque was obtained by $ 22 million in cash. At that time, Mask was only 28 years old.

Later, Mask founded the Internet Financial Services Company “X.COM”, which has become a famous PayPal, 2002, PayPal, was acquired by eBay, and $ 180 million. s return.

Two Internet entrepreneurship, let Masque are young or more in the year. Success made it a challenge of self-challenge, but the basic basis of the material allows Mask to open the new identity of “Dream Home”, Spacex and Tesla projects have been on the horse.

Dream home Mask

“Dao Ge said the car” editor summary multifongs speaking on Mask’s entrepreneurial story.

In 2002, Mask founded a space exploration business SpaceX with a start-up capital of $ 100 million. In 2004, he invested an electric car Tesla with $ 70 million. And these are just for his dreams.

“From a child, the goal I really want to achieve is that human beings will become possible in Mars, so that this thing becomes a truly real thing. The space plan will eventually send human beings to Mars settle together to achieve humanity common Beautiful imagination. This is the original intention of Mask founding space exploration.

As for Tesla, some people have asked Mask, you did the electric car at that time because of what opportunities found? Mask’s answer is: At that time, did not find any opportunities, and even felt that the possibility of failure exceeded the possibility of success, I just think this is what human beings should do, no one is doing me, I will do it. .

It’s hard to imagine that people who have started business in a university graduate, when establishing SpaceX and investment Tesla, just because of “dreams”.

On the way of chasing dreams, it is often filled with thorns, Mask’s dream road is also the same. In 2008, the global financial tsunami, Mask’s SpaceX triple rocket failed, tens of millions of dollars investment into Wul, forced Silicon Valley Iron Man and Engineers Head cries. In May 2008, the “Car Truth” website opened a column of “death counting time” in Tasla, and even more than 50 articles discussing how Tesla will destroy. Before 2019, Tesla was even more than 10 years without any profit. Mask’s attitude towards this is “either dying, or living.” This person didn’t think about giving up his dreams.

Today, Spacex has completed the 17th batch of star-satellite launches, and the satellite exceeds 1,000, Mask enters Mars’s dreams are constantly approaching; Tesla has become the highest worldwide car manufacturer and is open globally Branding leaves.

Mask also became the world’s richest. Masque is not the same as our wealthy rich. Before, Masque sold most of his houses. There is a property sold to a Chinese; Los Angeles house, he sold an acquaintance of the nephew with a lower price below the market. Moreover, he is selling other houses. Mask said: “Many times I only live alone, so I don’t need big houses.”

In fact, in addition to the company’s stock, Masque has little property with currency value. If Tesra and Spacex bankrupt, he almost became a poor photo. Mask’s attitude is: “The occupancy will only make me be heavy.” This is perhaps the persistence of a dream.


Mask is often considered a madman. The reporter of “Bloomberg Commerce Weekly” has been evaluated him: “Mask is a person who is not willing to wait for God. He has his own pursuit and spiritual airship, in his world, everyone must cooperate with him without condition, drag The slow rhythm is the obstacle on his forward road, and it will be fast. “

In fact, Mask’s practices are indeed known to “mad”.

As we all know, SpaceX’s “dead return” is greatly benefited from the help of NASA (NASA). 20 years ago, the “Father of the Aerospace Aircraft” George Muller, who retired from NASA (NASA) leadership, joined a civil rocket company Kistler. Because of the relationship with NASA people, in 2004, NASA handed a $ 227 million order to Kistler without any bidding.

This makes the same Masque, and the NASA has awarded the court directly. In order to get up Mask, NASA sent an official to Space X for field investment. After communication, I didn’t expect the official to be very optimistic about the prospect of Space X, and Mask also appreciated. In long contact, the two friendships are growing, and he gradually became a good friend of Mask, and Mask’s only friend in Nasa. Based on the trust between each other, this official even pays the end of Mask, and the inside of Kistler and Nasa transactions is given to him.

Mask got this can prove that this transaction is illegal decisive evidence, it will not hesitate to choose betrayal friendship, and directly mail the private mail between the two. Mask’s response is: “When you fight for justice, if you infringe anyone, then others should be infringed.”

Similar to this story is more than once, during the epidemic, Mask has allowed the factory to continue to produce, publicly “shelling” government, saying that the home order is “fascism”, is “un mo” and “in fact of hive-in-arrest”, appeal “Give the people to the people”, even public confrontation laws “to catch me”. To relieve employees concerning the concerns of new crown viruses, Mask said that new crown pneumonia is just a bad cold, and he will never take new crown vaccine. When the US predecessor President Trump issued the same view, everyone thought he was a madman.

In short, Mask can be said to be a “mad” that is unscrupulous.

Contradictory Mask

It is also a contradiction between Mask, which has “entrepreneurs”, “dream family”, “mad” and many other people. Previously, Mask said, “We don’t pay too much attention to financial data, but should spend more time in the factory, users, concentrate on product.”

As a listed company CEO, Mask public call investor is a good practice for the product. But the most popular cars, Tesla is absolutely famous.

Previously, the China Market Supervision Bureau and the Central Net Trunks, Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Transport and the Emergency Management Department fire rescue bureau, on the abnormal acceleration of consumers, battery fire, vehicle remote upgrade (OTA), etc. Talking about Tesla Automobile (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

More earlier, Tesla CEO Mask was not questioned when responding to Model 3 quality, and he “recommended that Tesla in the early days of (production), otherwise waiting until the production of capacity stability is purchased, this is the best quality. It is very difficult to. (Because) in the production of capacity climb, (while ensuring quality) is very difficult. “Is this Mask’s” spend more time in the factory, the user, concentrate on product “?

In addition, Mask on the one hand, in the extreme calls for the risk of AI, on the other hand, he is trying to make the brain interface, and even let the monkey play games through the interface. It is ideally to assist and enhance the human brain function, but can’t think of the risk of hackers in the digital interface of the brain, AT Least has a malicious digital signal stimulus and affecting the risk of the brain. In this regard, it is also a contradiction.

Mask’s life is full of legend, experienced rich, and he is also an entrepreneur, dreamman who wants to be a horse. At the same time, for the purpose of the purpose, the “mad” talking and contradictory is also his … What will such a person stay in human history?

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