As an electric vehicle design, it can be said that the current car design is a red role. This is not only because the new energy vehicle has become a general trend. No one wants to design a good first impression to consumers through the new car; also because the competition of electric vehicles and traditional car manufacturing is more obvious, only innovation, only Ability to break through. These, undoubtedly make the electric vehicle design has taken the forefront of the automotive industry.

Everyone knows that the new design of the car is very important for the development of the market impression and the brand. In particular, new energy vehicles are designed, and it is more important in the stage of popularization. In other words, the success of a car design is directly related to the degree of recognition of consumers. Therefore, auto companies are concerned about the design of new energy vehicles, whether they are representatives of new forces, or multinational enterprises. Even some conservative car companies, also changed the new car gesture, but more about new design elements, which makes new energy vehicles to show more and more colorful situations. Similarly, because the awareness of each company is not the same, new energy vehicles have also brought a number of unspeakability.

It can be said that such uncertainty, there is an innovative design problem, and there is a continuation of traditional problems, and many problems have been highly imposed on new energy vehicles. Can’t say, in this regard, the design state of the new forces in this area can be said to comprehensively exceed the traditional car enterprise. Not only in a short time, new design is accepted by consumers; and because many traditional car companies are always in the new energy design, this makes the new car design naturally for new forces. favorable! It is indeed a little unsatisfactory!

Why is the new forces new car design can be shocked

As a new forces, the most important representative is design, especially after Tesla, China’s new powerful automotive enterprises have pushed the design to a new height. This is reflected in the beauty of the design, and it is also reflected in the design of the design, which is far exceeded the imagination of traditional car companies. It is clear that the design effect is high than the design speed and performance of traditional models. ability. Therefore, when domestic new energy vehicles turned on with the finish growth, the degree of diversification and design innovation of its design, obviously different from the past.

In this new design matrix, not only, it is also a car enterprise that enters the new forces early in this new force, but also has a high school car, the skyline, which is a car, etc., it is a match. Novel, a final breakthrough, which makes the design of new energy vehicles, showing very funded new weather. With the new transformation of domestic traditional enterprises, the new design represented by Changan Auto, Chuanqi Auto, Hongqi Auto, Wuling Automobile and other enterprises, which makes it aimed at the domestic manufacturing of transcendence, and has gone a few steps. ! In particular, the full rise of constant cars in the new design, not only in the past, but also in the development of the automotive series, it has further enabled domestic new energy vehicles to have a larger space.

New international companies are unfavorable from transformation

According to the simple division of automobile manufacturing, traditional cars manufacturing and new manufacturing are very obvious. This is not only because the difference between the engine and the motor has caused significant changes in position space; at the same time, new and old car companies have different understandings of product design, and new cars have a great difference in design! In the design of new car design, the reflection of the backward advantage makes many new forces car companies, and they have fallen in design, and they have fallen a few streets of international old Pan car; at the same time, because some international companies are in traditional manufacturing and In the process of new manufacturing, I hesitated, not only the rare new image breakthrough time, but also because of its own advantages in traditional manufacturing, it is unwilling to give up, so that new design is very blindly combined with traditional models. It is more prone to new issues such as local contrast.

The reason is that with many car companies transforming, it is originally a design elite that belongs to a multinational big car company. Walking, running, not only is close to many emerging enterprises, but it is not as good as the previous design. . Moreover, due to the huge investment in the design, natural also attracted more design elites, so, how is the degree of intention of the new design, who is tilting in Tianping, and it is impossible to know!

At this stage, although BBA and other large enterprises have accumulated a lot of new energy vehicle designs, as many daily cars, the new design of the Korean car, they can’t complimate. There are even many problems that blindly combine traditional design design. The reason is that the Japanese car, the Korean car, too urgent, and, in terms of international design elites, it is not possible to compare in the earlier. In this way, the new energy design of these international cars, obvious backward and new Forces, you will naturally.

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