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Near the Spring Festival, a thriller, thinking that Tesla cars may be spread very widely by spy using the collection of intelligence, and there is a charm to discuss this matter. During the Spring Festival, a new famous international issue expert forwarded a collection of large-scale analytics on its WeChat public account, and the functions of Tesla can be used to explore. The author is very serious, think that Tesla is even more powerful than nuclear bombs, and the country does not pay attention to its huge harmful harm.

Is this a scary? Here, the author summarizes the content of the maiden, so that everyone can see its whole picture. The authors believe that Tesla is able to collect information about the following six categories of information on owners and countries. The first category, read the owner information: name, gender, age, home address (due to household charging pile), bank card (car payment), mobile phone number, address book, car owner email address, etc. Category II, get in-vehicle images and recording. Third category, read the external image information: not only can the panoramic image of the outside of the car, not only what is, how much, and know when, where, where to go. The fourth category, read accurate positioning information, knows the main driving path of the car. The fifth category, the name, colleague appearance of the owner of the owner working in the confidentiality organization, and where there are any vehicles and equipment in the unit. The sixth category, connected to the mobile phone through the Bluetooth system, Tesla can get the work scene inside the confidential body and record in real time.

Obviously, the more Tesla sells in China, the more information to foreign exchanges to foreign or timed through the network. Conversely, through OTA, Tesla allows the vehicle to get rid of the control of the owner. Usually, through huge amount of information comparison, tracking, analysis, and then cooperate with the satellite intelligence system, foreign hostile forces can easily draw the precision distribution map of China’s major parties to institutions, bases and core persons.

As a result, it is very easy to accurately lock, accurate strikes and fixed-point clearance. This can’t help but remind you of the Iranian General Sulmanni, which was assassinated by the US military last January 3, was assassinated on November 27th. Based on “Mobile Phone + Smart Automobile”, the personal standard of “smart intelligence terminal”, the “smart intelligence terminal” characteristics of massive information is not taken, fully accurate, automatically contributing to massive information, “Intelligent Information”, “Intelligent War” and ” The concept of end-guided bomb miniaturization, thinking that the intelligent network car will significantly change the style of modern war. In the case of counting countless core people, the enemy is in the case of the core facilities, the target will become very small, specifically to a car, one person. Intelligent War does not need to use nuclear weapons, but only small and unable to intercept the guidelines. Compared to nuclear weapons that are extremely high in all aspects, the threshold of “smart war” is much lower.

Such analysis prediction is indeed thrilling. Author’s recommendation, China should strictly forbidden Tesla car and Apple mobile phone to enter the Chinese machine unit to settle the unit to stop; should be strictly prohibited to use Tesla car and Apple mobile phone; should strictly supervise Pull information processing center and Apple mobile phone information center; strictly control its software update content; strictly control its software update time; strictly supervise Tesla’s online upload content; require Tesla and Apple to hand over information system lattime Code. For the smart cars and smartphones of the US allies, they should be implemented according to this ban because they share national security information. It should be thought that Tesla and Apple mobile phones in the author are the type names of smart cars and smartphones.

The author also suggests that international conventions that prevent the use of smart car crimes should be concluded, just like concluding international conventions that ban chemical weapons and large-scale anti-weapons.

After reading the above, some people may feel that some alarmist is listening, purely for the eye. But the author doesn’t think so. First of all, think about the Trump government to treat Chinese companies such as Huawei, Dawang and Haikang Weiwei. What if the Chinese brand is going to sell in the United States? Second, think about the smartphone app. When the smartphone is just popular, facing the various apps to obtain a large amount of permissions, we are not very angry, and it is also very worried that individual privacy does not cover? Is it true that we all understand that we all in the digital age? After years of appeal, the APP has excessive sorcerer, and the phenomenon of violations of privacy will not be significantly converged before. Last year, every time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a number of infringement APPs, and practiced the General Secretary Xi Jinping, “To constantly solve the outstanding problem of the people of the people”, “I want the masses to think, urgency, solution The requirements of the people of the masses. In order to avoid the passive of the mobile phone APP information security management, it is more harmful to the country and society to prevent smart car information security management vulnerabilities to prevent “anti-alternating”. China urgently needed to prepare, from the car, cloud, network and external related Four aspects of equipment started, establish a perfect and powerful intelligent automotive information security laws and regulations system.

In this regard, the United States, Europe, the day in front of China. They all rose automotive information security issues to national security, first deploying regulatory standards in advance in the industrial development process. For example, in 2016, NHTSA issued “the best practice of modern automobile information”, which launched the best practical framework structure for rapid development of smart car information security and privacy protection. In September 2017, the US House passed the Automatic Driving Act, requiring automakers to protect consumers’ data privacy. Of course, other relevant laws can also constrain the information security performance of smart cars. For example, the United States has the “Electronic Communications Privacy Law” and “Self-disciplined norms of effective protection privacy”. At present, China’s existing laws and regulations are not effective and comprehensive, and the supervisory implementation is done, but the author does not dare to make it, but it is certain that it is unclear, no special law should be a consensus. After 10 days, this year’s “two sessions” will be held in Beijing. The author hopes that the representatives of the auto industry and the legal community and the committees will form a high degree of consensus. The relevant departments appeal to the relevant departments to take out the strength of the evening, the smart car as soon as possible Information security legislation, tree standard, let the legal system and standards walk in front of the business.

Throughout the current automotive industry, is there more important things than this?

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