Nowadays, the automotive market is experiencing the transformation of the subtlety. From Tesla to Wei, the ideal, etc., it has only been used in less than 10 years, and there is a momentum that exceeds the traditional car enterprise. Behind this also means that the industrial intelligence will be the road to future development. Nowadays, technology, intelligence, and shortcut elements have long been closely related to our daily lives, the automotive industry is also the same, today in intelligent development, the car will also change the new changes in traditional models.

The reason why the new forces can be successful, the most important reason is the use of intelligent and scientific configuration. Through the blessing of technology, the difference is different from the fuel truck who focuses on driving, and the new energy models are more prominent in the fuel trachee, both acceleration or advanced configuration. On February 7th, the Marvel R of the Safety R car was officially launched, and the awareness of the intelligence of automobiles was completely changed. Not only did it get rid of the traditional fuel car concept, but the main scientific intelligence configuration can bring the consumer Come better experience.

SAIC R car is going to take a lot of roads to other domestic car brands. As early as the previous year, it has begun technical research and development. Nowadays, China 5G terminal telecommunications equipment is now entered, and SRRC car models 5g / c -V2X terminal product certification “Double Certificate Qualification”. The SAIC Group is for electricization, the research results in the intelligent network field are also applied to Marvel R, and Marvel R has become a 5G smart car that is officially officially launched worldwide.

The 5G automatic driving technology owned by the SAIC R car is very powerful, not only through 5G technology to form a car to synergistic automatic driving ability, but also through the 5G V2X remote sensing system to obtain information interaction in real time, to obtain road road conditions, and have visual perception system and Radar perceive system. When driving Marvel R on the road, through the intelligent system can control the vehicle in time, it is possible to predict the change of traffic lights and the surrounding road environment, which makes the human car more simple, fast, in line with the current fast-paced life mode. Although Tesra and the aware car brand also have an automatic driving function, the coverage scene is simpler, and the corresponding mechanism can be triggered after a particular condition. When faceting complex urban road conditions, there is a problem with blind spots. There is no good improvement, so there is also a safety hazard.

Marvel R benefits from the 5G V2X remote sensing, the three-sense system technology, the road information of the actual road condition, the traffic light, the road, the road, the real scene virtual display, the full LCD dashboard, which is mixed through the VR technology, given The driver is the most intuitive and clear information interaction. In the driving process, you can know the information you need, which also reduces the case where the driver’s attention is dispersed. When driving a vehicle in the peak period of the road, the field of view is avoided, and the novice driver can rely on this function, maintain the best in the driving process, avoid accident occurrence. The 19.4-inch central control large screen is equipped with a zebra system, and the vehicle speed can be controlled. Of course, there are many practical features such as the small procedure, booking flights, etc. Almost all overlap.

In terms of consumers, the SAIC is also full of sincerity. Using Super Charge Map Access to the State Grid with a total of 250,000 charging piles. When daily driving, you can use the intelligent system to give the long-distance route charging suggestion. When you travel outdoors, you don’t have to worry about the car. Electricity.

Under the vigilance of the country, the development of new energy vehicles has grown a day. At present, the domestic main push is still unmanned by the car network, which can not only shorten the time of commuter, but also to alleviate road congestion, but also make traffic travel Be safer. In view, SAIC R car performs non-common in intelligent technology, Marvel R is more than some of the functions and actual driving, with a strong comprehensive force and advanced technology, Marvel R will be A black horse in the new energy car market. As a consumer, we look at the company’s comprehensive strength and technology accumulation, apparently Marvel R. Note: Graphic Source Network, for reference only, if there is any infringement to contact new energy mall customer service deletion!

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