The cheaper Tesla model finally came, foreign media accident exposed the basic parameters of Tesla Model 2 models: hatchback design, battery life 350-450 km, 4.9 seconds, 15-.2 million, 2022 listed !

Although Tesla official statements denied, everyone knows the official statement of Tesla: The more you say that there is nothing! The most obvious evidence is that the official last year will not cut the price, the result, three times five times! Therefore, Tesla officially clarified something, then this thing is true.

Tesla Model 2

Lao Luo believes that Tesra Model 2 is true, and Tesla will be rushing to listed, and Net biography is listed this year. Lao Luo guess may not be available in Chengdu Auto Show.

Because: Mask two big gambling pressures, forced him to launch Tesla Model 2! Tesra Model 2 is Masque 2021 hopes.

Tesla Model 2

The first to gambling pressure: Mask and Tesla Board of Directors.

Everyone knows that it is relying on this gamble, Mask Rongdeng the world’s richest and defeated.

Mask and Tesla Board of Board: It is to see the market value! See the market value! See the market value! To do the market value, the most direct most effective and most convincing means is the real sales, sales determine the market value.

If Tesla sells only more than 200,000 models, the incremental speed is too slow, and the market is limited, so Mask must develop new markets, harvest new increments from the new market, and 200,000 sub-market naturally Preferred, so, Tesla Model 2 was given a hopes. Although Tesra Model 3 is also selling in the day, hellodes the first place, but after all, the price is placed there, and the market capacity is limited.

Tesla Model 2

The second pair of gambling pressure: Tesla and the Shanghai government gamble.

Why can Tesla have created a miracle in China from building a factory from building a factory, because the Shanghai government is covered with this big tree, and the Shanghai government is also qualified.

Tesla and Shanghai Government’s gambling agreement: By 2023, Tesla Shanghai factory invests at least 14 billion, from the end of 2023, must pay 2230 million taxes every year, if you can’t do it, the land and all the benefits will be Reclaim. Whether it is to do so much investment, or pay so much tax, you must have a large scale.

Tesla Model 2

If you only rely on Model 3 and Model Y, it is not enough, it is not enough, it is difficult to meet the standard, so you must rely on the mass market, increment, more than 200,000 models, 200,000. Wink this heavy.

Tesla Model 2

Therefore, Tesla Model 2 is one of Masque to complete the greatest hope for the gambling agreement. After all, 15-.2 million is the mass mainstream market, and it is also the largest competitive market. If Tesla Model 2 can be like Tesla MLDEL 3 became the king of segment, the 2 big gambling agreement of Maslow is very embarrassed, but Tesla is currently incorporated by: Due to the product quality, the word of mouth is gradually collapse. This will not affect the sales of Tesla Model 2, and it is still to be observed.

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