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On February 18, Beijing time, Baidu released the fourth quarter of the 2020, and the financial report showed that Baidu revenue revenue reached 30.3 billion yuan.

At this point, Baidu has reached 107.1 billion yuan throughout the 2020, net profit of 2.2 billion yuan.

This is a Baidu’s third consecutive year.

Especially in the 820 epidemic impact, Baidu went to Wall Street for 4 consecutive quarters.

In the fourth quarter of the fourth quarter, AI new business represented by smart cloud, smart driving, became a new engine that pulled Baidu medium and long-term growth, and contributed a total of 42 billion non-advertising income.

As of February 17, US shares closed, Baidu market value exceeded US $ 105 billion.

In 2020, smart cars and automatic driving tracks were widely recognized, and also created nearly 800 billion US dollars, nearly 100 billion US dollars, as a red fried chicken.

In the field of travel, Baidu is laying at the same time Robotaxi, the front mass production and the car business.

The ambition of this China Search giant is with a $ 1.4 trillion of Alphabet, as well as nearly 800 billion US dollars to launch the same competition in the smart driving track.

This means that there is a new starting point on millions of dollars, and Baidu’s growth space is still huge.

1, Baidu automatic driving jumps in the world, apollo go pk waymo

In February this year, Beijing’s two major China and US automatic driving road test reports were released, so that we have to see the automatic driving development level of the head company in the past year.

In Beijing report, Baidu took the lead in the test scale of 55 cars and 1.12,000 kilometers of test miles, basically covered 96% of the test mileage in Beijing test enterprises.

On the other end of the world, Waymo ran 6.28 million miles (101 km) in California, which was significantly reduced by 1454,000 mils ran out in Waymo.

Although California is a big camp of Waymo, it has fallen more than half of the test, and it also reflects the impact of the epidemic in North American testing activities.

In the same year, Baidu and Waymo conducted all unmanned automatic driving tests in China (Beijing, Changsha) and the United States (Arizona Phoenix City).

This year, Baidu also got all the unmanned driving test licenses in California.

In 2020, Baidu completed more than 30,000 kilometers of unmanned tests in Beijing. California’s report did not disclose data from non-humanized testing.

However, with Waymo, Baidu, Cruise, and other companies launched all unattended in California, I believe that the California will announce this data next year.

In 2020, Baidu has conducted automatic driving taxis in the three-earth (Beijing, Changsha, and Zhangzhou).

Waymo is currently operated by Phoenix City. It has also opened a precedent in Phoenix’s open-free vehicle taxi service, which realizes “ice-breaking” in the industry without humanized vehicle.

From the main test mileage, Waymo reached 20 million in early 2020, the test mileage and the team size should be the world.

Baidu Apollo ranked second in the world with more than 500 cars and more than 7 million kilometers of accumulated test mileage (about 4.35 million miles).

Baidu’s 7 million kilometers is approximately twice as Cruise, which announced 2 million miles in December 2020.

In the open letter of the fourth quarter earning, Baidu Chairman and CEO Li Yanhong mentioned Baidu’s next step to accelerate the scale deployment of Robotaxi:

“Iterations of smart driving technology are accelerated. Each new generation, the cost will drop by 30% -50%.

When the cost drops to a threshold, it will trigger Robotaxi-based operations; on the other hand, the road synergy will greatly improve the security of the drone, making large-scale commercials possible. “

Baidu’s goal is the next 3 years, 30 cities, and 3,000 cars.

The prospect of Robotaxi’s large-scale deployment has greatly promoted the recognition of capital markets on Apollo commercialization. Waymo’s valuation from Dashimo before Waymo is 100 billion dollars.

At the beginning of February, Mizuho Rui Si, one of Japan’s three major investment, gave Baidu Apollo $ 40 billion in valuation rating.

This valuation has greatly exceeded Cruise’s latest round of financing 30 billion US dollars.

Next, Baidu’s Apollo Go automatic driving taxi service will land more domestic cities.

Waymo One may also open up more sites in North America.

On the unmanned driving, Baidu Apollo also wants to launch the same paragraph in California in California.

2, with FSD front, Baidu Apollo AVP, ANP into mass production

In addition to Waymo high-top-top-top-top-scale testing and deploying Robotaxi models, driving the pre-installation of smart driving technology is unmanned, which is a widely recognized route that realizes all-in-law.

Baidu Apollo “Climbing Everest, Eggs Eggs along the way” also has a layout in front of the mass production:

If you can split a hundred-billion-kilometer-level driving scene data per year, accelerate the perfect automatic driving system, so that you will come completely.

In 2021, Baidu Apollo is about to usher in a large-scale front loading.

On January 19, Weima W6 with Baidu AVP self-service parking solution was located in the factory in Hubei Huanggang in Hubei.

This car will be listed before and after the Shanghai Auto Show this year.

This is currently the first mass production car equipped with AVP self-service parking solutions.

It is worth paying attention to the cooperation of Weima – Baidu and the previous Mercedes-Bochi’s AVP function in high-end models, and Mercedes-Bochi’s R & D vehicles and fields fused at both ends of the car.

Baidu Apollo and Weima will put such a high-order smart driving function, put on the mass model of 200,000 yuan.

According to the heart of the car, there may be other production vehicles with Baidu AVP this year.

Baidu Synchronization is also pushing the automatic navigation to assist driving ANP mass production, the latter is the only high-order automatic driving solution implemented by pure visual perceived hardware.

Based on visual implementation of high-order automatic driving, it is also a major feature of Tesla.

In 2018, Tesla launched a NOA automatic navigation auxiliary driving feature based on visual implementation.

In October 2020, Tesla fully automatically drove the FSD’s beta version of the North American small range.

A research institution believes that as a head company at the top of the global smart vehicle field, Tesla’s core competitiveness is the intelligent driving system Autopilot and FSD.

Even organizers can accounted for 30% of Tesla’s future income based on AUTOPILOT and FSD subscription services.

From Today, Tesla is in the price of North America, it is true – the cheapest Tesla Model 3 is priced at approximately $ 30,000, while FSD has reached $ 10,000 after the price increases.

From the market value perspective, Today’s $ 750 billion market value, if the smart driving part is worth 30%, it is equivalent to $ 225 billion.

Tesla 2020 annual sales is 500,000 units.

Baidu AVP and ANP’s pre-installed targets in the next 3 to 5 years are 1 million units. It is assumed to calculate 200,000 installed volumes per year. Internal people think that Apollo’s smart driving solution business can explore 800 to $ 90 billion levels. 3, Baidu personally make a car, the current CEO candidate has been determined

Robotaxi, intelligent driving solutions, and car, Baidu is all.

At the beginning of 2021, Baidu also launched a car company with Geely joint ventures. The new company will use Geely SEA vast intelligent evolutionary architecture to make a car, which is dominated by Baidu.

Li Yanhong pointed out in the financial news, “We hope to introduce advanced smart driving technology to the market through yourself, bring the best experience to the user. The ultimate innovation needs to end the end to the end, it takes fast and powerful Feedback mechanism. “

This new car company that gathers the Internet, AI and the auto industry background has now identified brand names and CEO candidates.

I believe we will soon hear more news from this new company.

And Baidu Apollo and New Products will be the relationship between independent operations.

In the field of front load, Baidu Apollo is a supplier, and it is a partner of a car to produce a good car; Baidu Motor Company is to create an ultimate benchmark product to accelerate the evolution of the market to intelligent electric vehicles.

Baidu predicts the fastest new company will launch a passenger model within 3 years.

Baidu’s layout in the big travel area covers Robotaxi, front mass production, intelligent transportation, and the car business. Its long-term investment in these big directions is ushered in more and more recognition.

The top giants such as Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are entering the same track.

The mass production of smart cars and Robotaxi’s large-scale deployment is coming, Baidu has been ran in the commercialization of intelligent technology.

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