The so-called “first purchase first, then buy discount”, Tesla cut the old narrel of the leeks, I don’t want to say more, today we have a trumb to everyone: Why Tesla is also named, but it is a dead Not willing to let go of your body?

Is it a luxury brand?

First, you need to change a first-in-one concept: Tesla is not a luxury brand. why?

Because Mask he had long said: “To make the electric car can consume the product.” This is also telling you two things: First, Tesla is not a high-end brand; Second, Tesla will continue to cut prices. From this dimension to understand Tesla’s price cuts, it will be much better.

However, domestic Tesla is more complex.

Tesra’s native gross profit margin is about 19%, while the gross profit margin of domestic Tesla is about 30%. From the book data, domestic Tesla has a lot of price cuts; from business behavior, the process of Tesla price is actually just returns to normal gross profit margin. But in promoting Domestic Tesla price cut, there is another reason: Shanghai Super Factory.

“Ten billion gambling bureau” urged Tesla price reduction

Signing from July 2018, by the first batch of fire delivery on December 30, 2019, the landing speed of the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory that enjoys the green lights is called the world. But there is no lunch in the world, Tesla and Shanghai Government have long agreed to “tens of billions of gambling bureaus”:

1. In the next five years, Tesla Shanghai Super Factory must completed investment of 1.408 billion yuan;

2. Since 2023, tax is taxed 2230 million yuan per year;

If it is not possible to complete, Tesla needs to return the land of Shanghai Super Factory.

If you are Mask, what do you do?

In addition to increasing research and development investment, the most need is to quickly seize the market, this most effective practice is “Co-price”, which is why domestic Tesla will frequently price reduction.

It turns out that this play is very effective, only Model 3 models have reached 137,400 in China last year, picking China’s new energy passenger car sales list champion. And I have been using Tesla for the trip to the opponent, only ideals and usa. From the point of view, the results even even have the zero head of Model 3.

Under the score of Tesla all the way, it has been comparable to the outside world, which will naturally be compared by the outside world. However, Li Bin himself said: “Tesla price cut strategy is not suitable for it, Apple is a long-term competitor.”

Is it a hard or self-owned door?

Although I was the same as Tesla, it was also in direct sales model, but in different, Tesla’s positioning was a pure car, only sold. It is aware that you want to be able to depth link users and provide users with identity value.

According to Li Bin, most Chinese people buy a car, more buying class symbols and superiority. This is why it will set up a NIO HOUSE.

Nio House not only sells a car, but also a book, kitchen, children’s paradise and conference room, and all the core business districts such as CBD, which can make users more face and superior while depth link users. sense.

To put it bluntly, it is not only a car, but also a class identity and class identity. This determines that it is easy to reduce the price, otherwise it will lose the class symbol of “people who have me.”

Conclusion: Incident, Tesla has only wanted to do pure car companies to provide users with hardware and software services, and pursue more market share.

It is important to have a “high-end community”, which is important, but not the first pursuit. Therefore, in Tesla frequently cut the mark, it is not surprising that it is not enough to let go of the head of Tesla.

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