According to overseas media reports, the long-awaited Volkswagen ID.5 quantification car has been officially launched in Germany, and completed the test. It is worth mentioning that the new car is not a global model, but according to the Volkswagen’s Tiguan X and Explore X and the Xi Xi model in the domestic layout, this new car is likely to introduce the domestic market.

Volkswagen ID.5 is the latest model of the MEB platform, and the mass production model of the id.crozz concept car, the new car continues the high-reducing level of the public, and the overall looks more future feelings. The new car uses a one-piece design, the headlights on both sides are “connected” by a chrome, which belongs to the minimalistic style. The multi-vertical lines of the front face and the slight bumps enhance the power of the whole vehicle, the naked eye does not seem to be the same as the public, but some American muscular senses.

On the side of the body, a very exaggerated double waist line is used, and the upper waistline extends from the A column to the tail, and the lower waist line link front and rear wheels, uses a deep concave shape, from the back side seems to be “missing” One piece, and this design language is also for echoing and lining the design of the front face.

Although the new car has not announced the specific parameter information, the large probability will be similar to the size of the ID., And from the style of design, the style of id.5 is lower, acceleration and battery life will be more stronger. some.

The picture shows the ID.5 spy photos that have been exploded.

The new car is expected to use the same battery and motor as ID.4. In the domestic market, ID.4 Crozz provides three powers and battery life, the battery life is 400km, 550km and 500km, and if not unexpected, the public id.5 Endurance will remain consistent on this basis or slightly.

The picture shows the ID.5 spy photos that have been exploded.

If you can enter the Chinese market, the relationship between ID.5 and ID.4 may be similar to the Tiguan L and the Tiguan X, the product is much different, but it is very accurate for different user groups, especially with the coupe. SUV The prevalence has increased this possibility. Then id.5 is likely to provide high-profile versions in China to meet differentiation. However, a lot of information is only speculated, and we will continue to pay attention to the follow-up dynamics of this new car.

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