The United States is Tesla’s Base Camp, so Tesla can become the most popular electric car brand here, it is not surprising. However, from the near future market reaction, many electric car companies or traditional car companies have chosen strategies to abandon the US market or delay when launching electric car products. This makes many people don’t want to be curious. How much is Tesla in the US pure electric car market? I can scare other brands!

According to foreign media insideevs, on February 15th, in the 2020 US market, there were 25,2548 newly registered pure electric vehicles, including 200,561 Tesla brand cars, accounting for approximately 79.4%! Terrible is not terrible? In the US market, 8 of 10 pure electric cars are registered, 8 are Tesla brands.

This is also the model of Model Y just started, and the electric pickup Cybertruck (Pickup is one of the most popular models of the United States) has not yet begun the data. It is conceivable that by 2022 Model Y climbs, CyberTruck starts a lot of delivery, and the market share of Tesla brand exceeds 90%. It should be not difficult!

I understand now? Not other brands have no confidence in their products, nor isn’t the US market, they choose not to enter or delay, and the fundamental reason is that the risk is huge, it is very likely that they are lost and lost! Therefore, everyone has chosen the priority market. There are also a new forces in China, and Xiaopeng G3 is the first to enter Norwegian market, and BYD Han EV prioritizes are Australia and New Zealand.

From the overall market share of pure electric vehicles, the US market 2019 data is 1.4%, and 2020 is 1.8%. Therefore, it is not difficult to determine that Tesla has a large market opportunity in the US market, and the trend of the market value soared should still last long!

The following is the 2020 US market pure electric car registration data:

1, Tesla Model 3,95135

2, Tesla Model Y, 71344

3, Chevrolet Bolt Ev, 19664

4, Tesla Model X, 19652

5, Tesra Model S, 14430 vehicles

6, Nissan LEAF, 8972

7, Audi E-TRON, 7089

8, Porsche Taycan, 3,943

9, modern Kona EV, 2964

10, Kia Niro EV, 2807

11, other, 1148 vehicles

Today, @ 不 看 车 见 朋友 朋友 朋友 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决I told him that it is now in a little bit behind, don’t watch the fierce of electric cars, from the industry market data, the market share of pure electric vehicles is still very low, this industry is still getting started, there is Very big rising space. Therefore, there is a great opportunity to enter now. Is this? Come, talk together.

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