People who like Tesla know that Tesla’s products are very good, but China’s brand team is very bad! As for more than a difference, I don’t think about what example of this, because there is no known place in the previous impression, so it is really a bit of difficult to spread from the poor!

However, these two days of rumors of 160,000 yuan new cars, but they have made me surprises, because in @ 不 看 看 车 看 看, 谣 is the best way to make “rumors” get greater spread. Especially in this rumor is not rumored in nature, it has become a great opportunity to promote a free publicity.

If you only look at the above content, many people may feel that the clouds are unknown in the clouds, so let’s take a look at it and help everyone understand.

A few days ago, there was a media report that Zhu Xiaotong, president of Tesla, SESLA, said, “Tesla has been launched in China R & D, the entry-level model of the global sales, is expected to have about 160,000 yuan.” Since then, each Big car media, technology media, financial media, and various relevant media, self-cultivated reprint reported from the media.

On February 14, there was a media report that Tesla China’s related people said that “untrue, exclusive interviews,” there is no correlation between major automotive media, scientific media, financial media and various related The media, self-cultivated reprint reported from the media.

This thing suddenly became very interesting. This “rumor” is actually true, but Zhu Xiaotong does not know, but Mask said. This rumor is more inexplicably, whisper is related to people? Since it is rumored, can you publicize your name? Obviously, there is also a big rumor suspicion! This thing is developing to the end, it is entirely possible “The content of the rumors is rumors!”

About 160,000 yuan (25,000 US dollars) Tesla new cars, this is definitely true. As for this year, it is not determined to be determined next year. The news of this car, on the September 2020, Masque, has done a focus on sharing, and it is said to be listed in the next three years. From the later information, the new car will have two different versions of the new car, namely the Chinese version and the European version, which are local team design, local factory production, supply local market.

In the subsequent days, Tesla Chinese officials also mentioned the project and recruited a large-scale exclamation for the project! The official documentation on the production report on the car has also been out of date, confirming that the car project has achieved substantial progress. The file information shows that the new car has completed the project in September 2020. In March 2021, the product verification will be completed, and it is expected to be delivered in 2022.

So, this time I rumored, just the Zhu Xiaotong did not talk about the car, not the information about the car! Therefore, if this rumor is the official authority of Tesla China, it is a good marketing behavior, it is worthy of praise!

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