In the past 2020, BYD became a lot of light, and the blade battery and BYD were one of the largest hot words in the new energy market. At the time of the new year, BYD once again came out of good news, and the famous electric car manufacturing company NEXPORT announced that they will introduce 4 electric vehicles from BYD to export to Australia.

For Australian consumers, BYD is not a strange brand. As early as 2019, Australia has begun to use BYD’s pure electric bus. After the high market feedback, the local government will once again into BYD into 200 Pure electric bus, and spend hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase BYD’s chassis technology. It can be said that Australia operates to operate BYD’s electric bus or BYD technology bonus, BYD’s hard core has been widely recognized.

After the commercial vehicle has opened the market, the passenger car has also gained more opportunities. A few days ago, BYDan appeared in the local area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAustralia, many media and cars were tested, but because only the test version, I haven’t changed the local right rudder version. Due to the urgent needs of local climate and automobiles, the development of electric vehicles has also entered the fast lane.

Due to the relatively low level of Australia, there are several excellent products in the country to provide choices to consumers. At the same time, in order to stimulate the development and progress of local products, it is like we introduced Tesla, and you need to serve as the role of squid. This is a great recognition of BYD and the entire country car.

According to relevant information, Australia will introduce BYD more than 4 models. In addition to the seen BYD Han, BYD Tang / Song / Qin’s probability will also be introduced synchronously. The price of the previous explosive price of 59,000 -99 million US dollars The big probability is the local price of BYD, and it is more than around 40-65 million yuan. This price is far more than domestic.

In the past, our self-owned brand is not strong, and the emergence of electric vehicles is a rare corner overtaking opportunity, BYD seizes the wind and timing, winning consumers, if the 4 cars Australia is able to sell, and there will be more domestic cars to sell overseas, and the dreams of automobile strong countries will not be far away.

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