When I said that the sports car, I had to mention Lamborghini. It is indeed that Lamborghini is more cool, and the power is also more powerful. We generally call this sports car as a super sports car. In general, this super-sports car rarely follows the largest flow of the auto market, because they never lack traffic, because the price of the car is expensive, so it can be said that only selling rich people. However, even if you don’t have a large current, in the face of global energy transformation, it has to be close to the new energy. After all, when the ban is banned, there is no expensive sports car.

We know that electric vehicles are compared to fuel trains, whether it is shifting or starting, especially when starting, it is much faster than fuel cars, which in line with the attributes of the sports car. So what is the combination of Lamborghini and electric? This is not, recently exposed a set of Lamborghini pure electric sports car rendering, let’s take a look.

On the appearance, just see the front face shape of the rendering map, I want to ask where is the top face? This style is also too science, it is a small flying saucer who flying in the science fiction. Where is the window? Where is the front windshield? Yes, the car does not match the windshield of traditional vehicles, which uses high transmissive perforated film, is not a sense of technology, just like the future of the fans, the front light group is through, doing Some small gear is designed to make it look fierce.

So where is the door? How do we enter this small flying saucer in the car? Zhen Zen people’s design came, its open mode is to raise the hood, then slide behind the car, you can go out from the side, that is to say, the door is on the roof, the roof is the door , Is not surprised? What is it? Is this an open way to know?

Then there is only one seat in the internal space, and other design uses an open cockpit. The steering wheel is also cool, abandoning the steering wheel design of traditional vehicles, using similar F1 racing steering wheel, and the seat belt is also a baby safety seat type A five-point seat belt increases the safety of driving.

So what is the driving force of such a science? It is understood that the car will use pure electric drive, which increases the driving comfort of the car, and will match multiple motors, and the driver’s seat will be configured. However, the specific power configuration is now not coming out. From the current styling, if the maximum reduction can be made on the mass production vehicle, it will become the focus of the global car.

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