With the continuous growth of domestic autonomous emerging brands, many capital want to join into a piece. Ali, Huawei and other well-known groups cooperated with major cars, and in August last year, the Evergrande Group has issued six models of their own Hengfeng brand, including three SUVs, two cars and a MPV model. The previous one of the cars Hengchi 1 has released the rendering of the interior, and the Evergrande also officially exposed Hengfeng 3, the inner renderings of the SUV model, see the picture, this car also It basically continues the design of Hengfeng 1.

Specifically, the most attractive human interior of Hengchi 3 is the three-screen three-screen screen on the center constructor. The huge central control is full of screens, and the technology is compared with some other models. For example, the atmosphere is more in place. The large-scale leather coverage and the design of the sewing line make this truck look more luxurious and comfortable. Compared with the Hengfei 1, this Hengda 3 replaces a double-type multi-function steering wheel to facilitate the driver driving while other aspects of other aspects. It is worth mentioning that the car basically has no physical buttons, only a few physical buttons are set in the position of the front center armrest box, which looks very good.

The exposure of this official figure not only exposed the central gate of Hengchi 3, but also showed that the car provided two large-sized liquid crystal screens in the rear, rear row ride entertainment, long journey You don’t have to worry about boring. At the same time, the car is also equipped with a large-sized skylight, even if it is sitting in the back row, it will not feel wronged. According to the size of the car, Hengchi 3 should be the largest volume in the three SUVs, which should be the first flagship SUV of Evergrande Auto.

As for the power system of Hengfeng 3, we have not yet received a message. However, according to the picture of this exposure, the average of 100 kilometers of average power consumption is 18.9 kilowatts, while the endless mileage is 430 kilometers. That is to say that the car life mileage may be more than 800 kilometers. As for more information about the car, we will continue to pay attention, interested friends can pay more attention to the information of the car.

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