On February 7, the twelfth lunar month, the SAIC R car released the second model under this new brand – Marvel R.

This is basically the last new car in the old year of the lunar calendar.

To understand this car, you have to start from the positioning of the R car.

On May 10, 2020, Roewe released a double standard strategy, cracked into “R mark” and “lion log” two parts.

The new R is based on the high-end new energy exclusive brand; the original lion is upgraded, and the deep cultivation of the fuel trass.

R Skanda is part of the Roewe brand, but today the SAIC Group is called “SAIC R Car”.

Basically, this is a new brand parallel to Roewe.

In addition, in December 2020, SAIC United Ali and Pudong New Area launched high-end intelligent electric vehicle brands.

So now the product line of the SAIC’s self-primary brand is Roewe (lion standard) -R car – intelligence, third-level layout:

Roewe (Lion Board) main interval is 10-20 million yuan, current fuel trucks and new energy cars have, in the future, fuel trucks;

The R car main interval is 15-250,000 yuan, all of which are new energy models;

The probability of intelligence is to rush 300,000 yuan, which is also a new energy model.

Of course, I haven’t mentioned the March of the original and Roewe brand, and I will press it first.

1, 219,800 after the subsidy, can Marvel R Will MARVEL R One War?

After Marvel R is released, there is only 2 versions:

Standard Edition of 219,800 yuan after subsidies;

The Pro version of 2.398 million yuan after subsidies.

Marvel R’s body size is 4674mm / 1919mm / 1618mm.

This size is very close to the high-end models of Roewe once.

Marvel x size is 4678mm / 1919mm / 1616mm.

But compared with Marvel X, Marvel R has greatly improved the three-electricity and intelligence, sincerely has a lot.

Marvel R Standard Edition is exactly the same as the battery capacity, and the battery capacity, and the battery pack is equipped with a battery pack of 69kw · h, and NEDC is 505 km.

The main difference between the two versions is, smart driving, smart cabin related hardware, and some hardware and materials of the cockpit interior.

In the PRO version, Marvel R additionally supplied a 3,000-yuan scientific drive growth package: R pilot 3.0 and a four-wheel drive package price of 20,000 yuan, if two packages are 43,000.

30,000 yuan of science driving growth package, in some basic smart driving, providing remote control, one-click remote call, intelligent variability, pilot assist driving, etc. Slightly high-order smart driving function, similar to 蔚 来 pilot Full-package (also called big NP).

So a top version of Marvel R is approximately around 280,000 yuan, this price and Tesla Model 3 standard endurance upgrade version, Xiaopeng P7, and BYDan basically in one range.

However, the last three are cars, and there is not much SUV in this price range.

If you want to count, the mass ID.4 can be counted.

2, how is Ali, Huawei, Mobileye, intelligent level?

A domestic high-rise high-level high-level high-level high-end is a logic of high-end smart electric vehicle brands:

Why do everyone are doing high-end intelligent electric vehicle brands?

Because the battery cost is high, the intelligent technology research and development is invested, and these two integrations are on a new car, natural prices should go to the high end.

This is the stage of intelligent electric vehicles as a new species, and must experience the stage of the industry.

This is why Tesla, Wei, Ideal, a few new car head companies from the beginning, choose the reason for the first luxury model.

For Marvel R, the difficult point is the same.

Marvel R To do a good endurance mileage in the price range of 20 million yuan, as well as a good intelligent experience.

This is a test for its ability to integrate its tech and intelligent technology.

Marvel R With a relatively small 69.9 kW · H battery, Marvel Read has achieved the end of the mainstream of NEDC this year, which looks good. Great challenges come from intelligent technology.

In this regard, the R car pulled Ali, Huawei and Mobileye.

(1) Ali and SAIC joint venture set up a zebra network.

Two have the end of the Roewe RX5, and the RX5 is used as the world’s first Internet car. Zebra is now providing MAEVEL R to provide Venus systems and cockpit intelligent solutions;

(2) Huawei provides Ba Long 5000 5G chip.

Different from the previously advertised 5G BYD and GAC AION V, 5G chip is a standard in Marvel R.

(3) Mobileye provides Eyeq4H chip and smart driving software.

In addition, Marvel R is equipped with 28 sensible hardware in smart driving, supporting 5G V2X car collaborative technology, supporting the pilot auxiliary driving function and intelligent variability assisted upgrade.

On the cockpit interaction, on the basis of traditional touch, voice, MARVEL R, new gesture interactions, users can close, adjust air conditioning temperatures, etc.

It combines voice and smart driving, the sound can be used to adjust the vehicle from the vehicle, and the vehicle speed, etc. can be adjusted by voice.

In intelligent driving, Marvel R is walking a bicycle intelligence and road system fusion.

The bicycle part, the vehicle is equipped with 28 sense hardware, including:

11 cameras

5 millimeter waverada

12 ultrasound radar

And compute platform Mobileye Eyeq4h chip

The Mobileye EyeQ4 is about 2.5TOPS.

From the bicycle intelligence dimension supported by hardware, Marvel R is unable to support automatic driving above L3.

For this problem, the R car practice is to increase the road synergy technology.

In areas with road equipment deployment, Marvel R will take the lead in landing traffic, parking start boot, corner speed warning, intersection avoids 17 5G V2X function scenarios.

This year, through FOTA, Marvel R will also send users to the user to send auxiliary driving (NOR), intelligent variability (ALC), one-click remote intelligent summoning, remote control and other functions.

3, MARVEL R Mission

In 2018, the SAIC released Marvel X. The price was 268,800 after subsidies. Marvel X once shouldered the mission of the high-end of the SAIC impact.

In 2019, Marvel X’s PRO version appeared, Marvel X Pro features 5G and driver-based, priced to exceed 400,000 yuan.

However, MAVEL X did not obtain success in the market, and the monthly sales of Marvel X fell into a bit number in 2019.

Today’s R car and intelligence are SAIC’s re-compliance of high-end brands.

Marvel R was equipped with nearly 70 degrees of batteries in a body size with Marvel X, compared to Marvel X’s 52-degree batteries, sincerely improved, and the battery life was also significantly improved.

In the design, Marvel R is also more motion.

In the driving experience of the vehicle, 3 years later MRVEL R is naturally updated than Marvel X.

For the future goal of the R car, the R car CEO Yu Jingmin received an interview in November last year: the sales target of R car 2021 is 30,000. Do not pursue too high sales, but pay attention to the quality of each service.

The sales target of 30,000 vehicles per year, means that 2021 will be the brand of R cars.

Regardless of new and old forces, on the new battlefield of smart electric vehicles, everyone will restart, start technology and service.

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