China Electric Motor (EV) startup company Xiaopeng has announced that its P7 pure electric sedan will be equipped with environmental reality (SR) display, which will work with its high-speed autonomous navigation (NGP) function, providing drivers to provide intuitive Automatic driving experience. At the same time, it is aware of the car to send new version updates, new features, or optimized existing features to ES8, ES6 and EC6 models.

Xiaopeng cars said that the P7 sedan will become a quantitative model for the first equipped environmental display function in the global market, which provides the driver with a lane-level smart auxiliary driving.

Xiaopeng Auto said that when using vehicle navigation function, the vehicle status and its surroundings will be clearly vividly displayed on the central control panel in 3D, thereby enhancing the user’s driving experience and security. Environmental Reality Technology Plus Gaode Map Third Generation Car Navigation, will improve the appeal of Xiaopeng Automobile for technical electric vehicle buyers.

Last week, Xiaopeng car showed the public beta of its NGP function to the reported by the P7 sedan domestic test drive activities. This start-up company plans to upgrade this feature through OTA to domestic Xiaopeng customers in the next few weeks. Xiaopeng Automobile said that the NGP function will achieve a safe highway driving through “automatic speed limit adjustment, automatic switching highway, optimal lane selection, automatic upper and lower turns and automatic overtaking”.

In another statement, it is auspeted to push new version updates, new features, or optimize existing features to ES8, ES6 and EC6 models. This update includes the vehicle call function, allowing the driver to control the vehicle on the mobile phone application. This feature can move the car forward or backward parking space, which is useful when the vehicle stops in a narrow parking space. In addition, the camera will also start the camera while parking, helps the system quickly identifies the available parking spaces and safely carry out automatic parking.

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In order to compete with Tesla in the automatic driving area, Xiaopeng and the ambassador have launched a high-speed automatic driving function. However, in terms of sales, Tesla has always been the leader of the global electric motor market; however, the high price of Tesla Automatic Driving (FSD) system hinders the popularity of the technology in mass consumers. Most of China Tesla Motors are only equipped with standard AUTO PILOT systems, which do not have functions such as automatic variability and high-speed automatic overtake.

Therefore, the domestic product new forces have been introduced, and electric vehicles with automatic driving functions began to attract more and more consumers. It is recently said that the ET7 electric car launched in 2022 will be equipped with the next generation of automatic driving systems, but its customers need to pay subscription fees for the system monthly. Compared with traditional car manufacturers, domestic product new forces tend to take more active technical issuance strategies to attract consumers to purchase their brands. For example, Xiaopeng Auto and the Akahiro announced that it will install laser radar sensors on the most popular models to improve the security and reliability of the automatic driving system in some cases. These initiatives will accelerate cost-effective laser radar solutions in the popularity of the mass market, and help new forces have achieved competitive advantages in the competition of Tesla.

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