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LG INNOTEK said in a press release released on January 25, which has developed a digital car key module with higher position detection accuracy and security. The digital car key module uses ultra-wideband (UVB) communication technology and exclusive algorithm, and improves position detection accuracy. The new module uses an autonomous hacker defense technology to effectively improve network security.

According to LG Innotek, the newly launched digital car key module induces the accuracy of the smartphone location will be 5 times the existing key module. The company successfully narrows the error between the actual smartphone position and the module identification position to 10 cm within 10 cm.

INSOO RYU in the auto parts and electronic business units said: “Use the Digital Car Key Module to provide a variety of mobile travel services, so that the value of the customer is possible. We will continue to introduce innovative automotive parts, which in turn provides the driver to provide convenience , Safe and enjoyable driving experience. “

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Digital Car Key Modules are a communication component mounted on a car that allows wireless data transmission between cars and smart phones. The digital key allows the driver to unlock and start the vehicle with a smartphone. Users can also share their digital keys to their friends and family. Digital key technology can also promote new mobile travel services such as car sharing. In addition, the driver can also use smartphones to monitor vehicle conditions, including driving distance, fuel efficiency, tire pressure, etc., and control the vehicle.

At present, the digital key on the market uses near-field communication (NFC) or low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) technology, which is relatively short than the more advanced ultra-wideband communication technology. In 2020, Apple launched a new feature called Car Key on the iPhone. Users can use their smartphones as digital car keys, unlock, boot, and drive with their compatible vehicles without entity keys. However, Apple announced that it is currently developing a digital key based on ultra-wideband technology. Earlier this month, BMW also announced that it will carry a new generation of digital key “BMW Digital Key Plus” based on ultra-wideband technology in the new IX pure electric SUV that will be launched later this year.

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