Due to the popularity of new crown epidemics, 2021 Consumer Electronics Exhibition was held on January 11th to 14th, many major automakers, suppliers and start-up companies. Although the consumer electronics exhibition does not organize offline activities in Las Vegas, there are still some important announcements to occupy the headlines of the media, including the attention of the automotive industry, new electrical structure, the latest display technology, and the next generation of electrification, etc. .

Announcement issued by the car manufacturer is a highlight of this year’s consumer electronics show. GM shows its new pure electric car Cadillac Celestiq, which will be equipped with a full-wheel drive system (AWD), a four-wheel steering system, and a panoramic view made from four quadrants, suspended particles smart glass. Sono Motors announced the launch of the new generation of solar electric prototype Siion, Groupo Antolin showed its Virtual Ride Hailing and Virtual Ride Sharing concept. Mercedes Mercedes-Benz shows the MBUX Hyperscreen display of 141 cm, consisting of three seamlessly fused display, almost cover the instrument panel of the whole car. MBUX HyperScreen will be launched as an option configuration of EQS SUV.

Source: Daimler

In terms of suppliers, highlights include Sony’s latest Vision-S EV and a newly released enhanced realistic flat display (AR-HUU), which is newly released, which has advanced optical systems, 3D imaging radar, 4K resolution, artificial Intelligent navigation, eye tracking technology and real-time situation awareness.

Panasonic has also launched two car wireless charging techniques and all wireless Wi-Fi cameras, OmniVision and Nextchip show high quality image solutions for rearview cameras, lookeeways, and electronic rearview mirrors. Stradvision and D3 Engineering cooperate to showcase the car front camera solution. Continental Group, HERE and LEIA cooperate, using the building and terrain, mainland group naked eye 3D display technology and LEIA’s light field technology, and LEIA’s light field technology, and provides 3D navigation display solutions.

Source: Continental Group

China’s start-up technology launched its second-generation integrated sensing solution Deeproute-Engine, which can accelerate neural network calculations, allowing algorithms to operate on low-power computing platforms. Mobileye also announced that Intel with the parent company to develop next-generation radar and laser radar sensors for automatic driving vehicles.

In addition to displaying pure technological innovations in the Consumer Electronics Show, General Motors also choose a new business named BrightDrop in the virtual venue, which will create an integrated ecosystem consisting of electric vehicles, software and services, and the first The miles provide services to the last mile. Through cooperation with federal express delivery, General Motors will also launch an EP1 electric logo tray for short transport goods, as well as EV600 light-type electric commercial vehicles specializing in long-distance transport goods and services. In addition to these vehicle technological innovations, the most interesting is that the new business model and its income source introduced by General Motors, reflects the development of the general car to fully recognize the development of mobile travel, and how will generally Adapt to the new survival law.

When we throw all 2020, we will be the era of power drivers and software definitions in the future. The speed of this shift will have to be observed, but 2021 Consumer Electronics Show has clearly shown that the pace of digital change is still coming.

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