“Many people in this year choose to have a holiday in the country, and they must have a sense of ceremony. My heart is my family.”

“Here I have to give me the blessings of my father and old folks, I wish you a good year, the bovine rush, remember to eat well.”

“See the screen, safe and happy New Year, I wish you all a good career, Fuyou Niu, Front Cow, Year of the Year.” ……

BEIJING car “The New Year’s greetings” video point bright Beijing Xidan

On February 4th, the lunar calendar, a blessing video from all localities, lights up the landmark “Giant Shout” of the Western Same, Shanghai Nanjing East Road, Guangzhou Tianhe Square, Chengdu Taikoo. Near the Spring Festival, the Beijing Automotive passed the form of the “original” and his relatives and friends, and their friends and family have set a temperature to this special Spring Festival.

In the past, blessing home

Recently, there is a lot of disseminated cases. Near the Spring Festival, national people’s flow and aggregation will increase the risk of epidemic transmission, in the face of severe trend, and to initiate the New Year. Many people have learned, the people who workers take the initiative to stay in the city for the next year. They have to let everyone eat bacon, smoked chickens and other hometown, and stick to the post of the express brother; in order to protect the city clean, Go home for the New Year’s sanitation workers; there is a community epidemic prevention volunteer who is sticking to the frontline … each of them sacrificed the ordinary hero of the family reunion.

How to make these ordinary heroes in the same day, find the feeling of going home for the New Year, is a “must-answer question” for the whole society. In order to let people in his hometown can feel the temperature of the home, the Beijing car launched “My Xin’an is my home” – the second season of warm back to the way, aims to accompany every ordinary hero peace of mind. Chinese New Year.

Before February 10, in the shake of the new year blessing video, add “# 原 地 过年 到 到 到 家” topic, there will be chances and Spring Ni, Zhou Qun, moon, mount more than 30 urban landmarks, parents for hometown , Friends, children send the New Year blessings of the Year of the Ox.

Beijing car “The New Year’s greetings” video point bright into too ancient

BEIJING car “The New Year’s greetings” video lights up Shanghai Nanjing East Road

February 4th – February 10th 18: 00-20: 00 per night, in Beijing Xidan, Shanghai Nanjing East Road, Chongqing Jiefangbei, Chengdu Taiguri and other city iconic buildings, can be seen To the smile of your loved ones, hear their voice and feel the blessings of “zero distance”.

Warm heart action is welcome, and the authoritative media is praised

In the face of the epidemic obstruction, Beijing Automobile is connected to everyone. By lighting more than 30 urban landmarks, let the people in the New Year meet, pass blessings, connect family, and use warm heart to persist The ordinary hero of the original land is comforted by spiritual comfort.

This kind of “see” on the parent-screen screen “is welcome. Since the event of the event in the event of the event, the online participation is continuous, and there has been more than 81,000 people in the week, and the play is more than 500 million. Multiple video playback More than 500,000 times.

The warm initiative of the Beijing car has also obtained a number of superior media such as Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, and Impressions. Xinhua News Agency has written in the text: “The New Year is not only a policy slogan, but also The details of the implementation, the Beijing Automotive said with practical actions: Will not let every ordinary hero’s blessings to hometown, will not let their blessings are late! “. “People’s Daily” comments to: “This move is really shown) The social responsibility of the enterprise in special period is the ‘beijing temperature’, and it is a strong ‘anti-hypophigency’.”

As a well-acting national enterprise, Beijing Motor has always adhered to the initial heart, and sent warmth to the people needed. In the early days of the epidemic in 2020, Beijing Automobile quickly built five anti-prevention Great Walls, guaranteeing urban traffic safety; 2020 warm back to the first season of the first season, organize free special to send Beijing high-speed rail builders to return to the year, in practice Action pays tribute to urban builders; 2021 warm back to the second quarter, with # 原地 年 年 年 到 家 #, pay tribute every ordinary hero.

Scan QR code, participate in the topic page to participate in the blessing

A series of initiatives, the slogan of “beautiful, from the beijing car” is implemented, and a car brand with temperature is deeply rooted.

In the Spring Festival of 2021, in the New Year, blessing home, when the epidemic is scattered, spring blossoms will reunite!

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