With the continuous development of Internet technology, the automotive industry has gradually increased its previously never experienced car internet technology. Nowadays, 5G technology is increasingly mature, and 5G integration is also integrated into an important topic. At this year, the SAG Group R Car will launch the world’s first tram on the 5G communication module, just afternoon on February 7, the car can accept the booking, the pre-sale price is 220,000 yuan. How is the car, let’s take a look.

In terms of appearance, the vehicle adopts a closed grille design, plus the left and right light strips, so that this truck looks very technological. The official will be called “the light of Huanyu” and the effect is better after lighting. The headlights use the narrow design, sharp light groups make this car look full. The intake holes under the lamp group are general, so that this vehicle looks very stable, and these two intake holes use fumble-black carbon fiber materials, which has highlighted the luxury of the car on the appearance.

To the side of the body, the side of the side of the car is relatively simple, and the double waistline design creates the motion of this car in place. The hidden door handle is also standard for new energy vehicles in recent years. The manufacturer engraved on Marvel’s LOGO in front of the front of the vehicle, and did not know if it is related to the performance of the vehicle.

The tail design of the vehicle does not have a stunning head. The through-type lamp strip such as a head design, while the tail line is clearly layered, which makes this truck do not look so tone. The rear bumper part uses a convex design, which looks more stereoscopic, and the chrome decorative strip is also used here, and the details of the vehicle are added.

In terms of interior, the first introduction of eye blind is the middle-controlled large screen. The medium control screen is integrated with the central control operator, and there is no common auto parts in other cars. The air-conditioned air outlets of the upper and lower layers are also more than a few years. Large-area soft materials and leather seats make this truck look very comfortable, blue-white coloring is more like a Mediterranean style.

In terms of configuration, the car uses the SAIC’s latest 5G technology in the mid-range model of the first 5G-V2X certified. Curve intelligent deceleration, parking start guidelines, speed guidance, etc. High-tech function is perfect in this car. If you want to experience the latest high-tech products, then you can go to the 4S shop to experience after opening the test drive, I believe it can give you a new feeling.

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