In recent years, if you want to ask which company is the most popular independent brand in China’s auto market, I believe that many people will choose BYD. Whether it is a new energy pure tram type, or inserting a mixed model, BYD has a very good sales performance. The BYDo listed last year will highly mentioned the realm of no previously, many people spent 200,000 + prices to buy it. The performance after buying does not live up to consumer trust, 2021 The first month of sales broke through 12,000 units, and the achievements were excellent.

BYD Qin Plus as the Tongyan Tiemen, although not yet listed, there is a very good heat. Many cars approve them as the next BYD Han. The two are not only some similar situations in the appearance, but also surprisingly, the product power of Qin Plus is also quite good for the information disclosed.

As a tensive car in the 100,000 yuan interval, Qin Plus although the price is low, it is high. This car is priced at 10.78-147,800 yuan, which belongs to most of the budget intervals of the purchase of a car, that is, there will be no tall and widow. Moreover, the overall size of the vehicle is no longer a normal A-class vehicle size in this price zone, and the size of the A +-level size also makes domestic consumers who love the big space more interested.

The size appearance has an advantage, and the cost of car after the purchase is more surprised. The mixed version of Qin Plus is equipped with the latest DM-I system that BYD, which is constructed of engine, electric motor, and battery pack. Specifically to Qin Plus, the car is equipped with a 1.5L engine and a combination of electric motors and blade batteries. 55 km version of 100 kilometers accelerated for 7.9 seconds, the loss of fuel consumption of 3.8 liters in the loss; the 120 km version of 100 kilometers accelerated for 7.3 seconds, the loss of the price is 3.8 liters. Such a car cost can be crushed almost the same level of fuel truck.

The pure electric EV version is also a good play of BYD. There is no more information on this Qin Plus EV, but from the declaration chart, this Qin Plus EV has a more young sports, there is a small Han EV feel.

In summary, Qin Plus is a new energy car in a 10th to 15,000 yuan, not only in the appearance of the young people, but also the economy in the first place, and many age consumers. It will also like this, a good price, fashion, while using a more economical good car.

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