A few days ago, BYD officially announced the future new plans and some new technologies, which is the most eye-catching very much of the new model of the Dynasty series – Biandiming.

In recent years, BYD has been updated in the dynasty model, and it is very good, regardless of the appearance, interior or power technology, has a small breakthrough. Whether it is Qin, Tang, Yuan, or Han, all as the most powerful dynasty in Chinese history as a model name.

As one of China’s most prosperous dynasty, the national strength is strong, with Zheng Heqi’s Western China, the GDP has achieved a proud performance, with a name of the new car, BYD’s ambitions can be seen.

At present, BYD is only exploding conceptual diagrams, considering the gap between BYD’s mass production car and concept car is very small. It is not difficult to see from a conceptual diagram, BYDM is a typical medium-sized coupe SUV.

Specifically, BYDM has used coupe, the headlights and Han EVs are quite similar, and the front hanging and last hanging are very short, the wheelbase is longer, the taillights are also used through the tail lights, and the shape of the big back Creating a super-running sports beauty.

It can be seen that BYDM’s design is in pursuit of simple, fashion, and the sense of technology, and the sense of exercise can be exhausted. Coupe SUV design is more personal, more sporty, many young people are willing to pay for this shape. If this car is really named “Ming” later, then its probability will use Chinese characters “Ming” as LOGO.

It is reported that BYDM is expected to be divided into two versions of “Yin” and “Yang”. Among them, the long-width height of “Yang” model is 4750/1897 / 1534mm, and the future may be positioned in five models; “Yin” model is 5330/2020 / 1574mm, the wheelbase is expected to exceed 3100mm, and the full size SUV is also the level of large SUVs, which has exceeded Tesla Model X, which may be positioned in seven models in the future.

In terms of power, BYDM is built based on the DM-P platform, equipped with a 2.0T engine, a maximum power is 141KW, and has three motors. The front motor power is 200KW, and the rear axle double motor power is 300KW, and the battery will continue to adopt blade batteries.

It can be seen that this is the power combination of its mixed version of the model, the total power will break through 600kW, the power output is extremely strong, and the probability will be BYD Han. In the future, is the BYDM EV version offered a new “solid lithium-ion battery”, which is very worthy of attention.

Over the years, the development strategy of “performance priority” has made a good foundation for the mechanical quality of BYD, from BYD Qin PRO, until the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, 2nd Generations, and then to Han EV, BYD’s model’s performance at a point Point increase.

Indeed, BYD has a scratched technology in technology. In recent years, the blade battery, DM-P, DM-I super mixing technique, etc., etc., there is also a small appeal for consumers, plus the belt Chinese historical dynasty model naming method, as well as continuously pushing new new energy models, the appeal of BYD in the new energy car market is increasing.

According to BYD DM hybrid technology dual platform strategy, the DM-I super mixing platform focuses on fuel economy, while DM-P is more emphasized by absolute performance, and it is most appropriate to use the coupe SUV in BYDM. BYDM, perhaps the collection of BYD’s multi-year technology accumulated, fully equipped with Tesla’s higher strength.

At present, although Biandimimin is high, consumers have some suggestions, such as “Yin” and “Yang” naming may not discuss all people, and “Yin” is longer than “Yang”, let People are difficult to understand, it is better to remove “Ming”, called “Day” and “Month” more connotation.

From the beginning of the establishment, BYD has always adhered to the customer-centric, continuously upgraded rejuvenation to meet the increasing life and travel needs. Since 2020, BYD has launched a series of new products such as Han, 2021 Tang, Song Plus, Qin Plus, and new products that are concerned with consumers. Brand construction also accelerates forward.

In 2021, BYD released a new brand logo, DM-I super mixing technology, and launched Qin Plus DM-I, Song Plus DM-I, Tang DM-I three DM-I super mixing models and opened Sell, it can be seen that its ambition is not small.

With the continuous growth of the product camp, BYD will continue to promote the upgrade of consumption structures in China’s auto market, accelerate the dream of realizing green travel, leading the China Auto Market forward.

BYDM, although it is only a conceptual exposure, many fans have been captured, and interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention, we will continue to track reports. So the problem is coming, how do you think BYD is?

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