With the hot in the new energy car market, traditional luxury brands are finally can’t sit. As the lowest-tuning brand in BBA, Audi has a huge potential in the new energy power field. Many people want to buy new energy cars, and want to buy luxury brands, but they have nothing to do with no suitable models, and this time FAW-Volkswagen Audi E-TRON is coming, it positions intermediate SUV, the first March will be in Shanghai Auto Show and everyone Meet. Before the auto show, follow the author.

In terms of appearance, the front of the domestic Audi E-TRON adopts Audi very identified round shape plus octagonal intake grille, the interior of the grill is a thick silver vertical line and thin silver horizontal line decoration. , Form a variable grid shape, plus Audi’s representation is still very textured. The two sides of the headlights are elongated, and the LED is designed to be extended downward, still very detailed. On both sides, it is a silver-biased air intake, which is embellished with the entire front. The black and intake grilles at the bottom of the front of the front of the head are also decorated and surrounded by silver trims. The overall head is used in silver dotted decoration, so that the front face of the car looks very luxurious.

The lines of the side of the body are still very sufficient, and it will not make it look flat, but increase its dynamic. The wheel is a new style, and the size is also very large, so that the large area of ​​silver on the hub, the silver trim of the roof is also the silver trim of the window, and the design is also decorated, and the side color level is added. And richness. The end of the tail light is designed, still decorated with a lot of chrome plating strips, increasing the texture and level of the tail.

In the interior, its color is a whole gray system, gray is a very classic color, and will give people a very gentleman simple and the feeling of technology, the whole gray plus some stars, the black embellishment, It will not make people feel that its interior feels too light. The minimalistic color of the technology is of course far enough, 12.3-inch full LCD dashboard, embedded 10.1 inch central control LCD screen plus 8.6-inch touch screen, you seem to find the physical buttons, this is also your interior Sense of technology.

The most concerned life is also quite surprising. Its battery pack is a three-dimensional lithium battery. The energy density is 142WH / kg. NEDC life can reach 500km, which is completely more than enough for most families. And the holiday self-driving tour is also complete enough. Such a luxury brand electric SUV, do you like it?

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