The rapid development of the new power of the car, let the “car”, the original sacred and extremely high industrialized product, become so mysterious, but also inspiring a lot of cross-border enterprises. Some choice investments, some announced the manufacturing related industries, and some will directly declare the car, and people are in the “running”. (Apple cars in the picture below is guess, unofficial map)

Among them, Apple cars is Apple, as early as the Jobs period, Apple already has a planning of the car, but it is shelved for various reasons. Now Apple decided to speed up the footsteps, but in a matter of finding partners, it faces unmisstinated troubles. It is almost official to have a cooperation with modern, Kia, but now the waves will rise again, and it is suspected to stop negotiation. And several Japanese car companies opened a new round of communication.

The reason why there is such a problem, the main reason is the difference in the concept of both parties. Modern wants to get more words, and is not willing to become the second “Foxconn”. I want to drive and apply with apples in automatic driving and software There is a technology sharing to help your own products enhance competitiveness.

But for Apple, these technologies are never willing to share, and they need only a “foundry” and countless “hardware suppliers”, and these for Japanese car companies are indeed their own advantage. The location. Maybe many people will be confused, why do you have a new forces to make the car so easy, Apple looks so complicated?

In fact, not this, the reason why it seems to be “cautious” is because Apple itself is a high-tech company, and the highest global market value, as long as it takes out the product, it is necessary to get its own brand. For Apple’s software capabilities, even automatic driving research and development and algorithms, it is not particularly difficult, but it is the hardware manufacturing of traditional car companies, and it is difficult to take apple. If the price of traditional cars is too large, If it is completely autonomous, the cost is too long, so choose a reliable, high-quality hardware foundry, is the best choice.

Japanese cars have been well received overseas, especially the US market for many years. The cost of the cost is very hard. It is really a good choice for Apple, but the Japanese car company is willing to “become” founder, current It is still not known, but according to the current Japanese car level, the cooperation between the two sides is impossible to not be limited to the foundry, and some of the procurement of some core components is also possible.

Turki Shanghai Super Factory

In addition, Apple’s supply chain is very large, in addition to the cooperation between N car companies, there must be procurement of core components such as batteries, motors. It is worth mentioning that China is the largest consumer market in electric cars. Apple will refuse to “let go”, and Tesla is an example, after domestic reducing cost and selling, Model 3 and other models have begun to start real Big sale, Apple may also be able to re-enhance this route. It is a great possibility to build a factory in China or to choose a domestic car company.

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