There is no Interior of Tesla, come out to clarify: Is Masque to give up Tesla? If you don’t give up Tesla, why does Mask will recognize Tesla quality?

The nearest Tesla frequently hots, and is also known as “Tesla, Slow” by netizens. Unfortunately, Tesla, who habits, finally still smashed his feet: gave the pot to the national power grid, and the result was tough and hard by the national grid, and then he was. At this time, everyone was only awake: Testla encounters strong opponents, or will still be.

In addition to the pot, Tesla is also deep in the vortex of quality defects.


Tesla quality flaws: the United States recalls more than 130,000, China recalls more than 30,000!

On February 2, the US Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued an announcement: Tesla “voluntarily” recalled Model S produced from 2012 to 2018, a total of 13,4951 models from 2016 to 2018. The recall is that the EMMC multimedia memory card fault on these cars will cause the central control screen that cannot be used normally, which may have serious security issues to the driver.

Didn’t think of on February 5th, 3 days, China National Quality Supervision Administration also released Tesla recall announcement: Recall from September 18, 2013 to some model s imported from February 20, 2018, from March 2016 On the 12th to some model x imported on February 16, 2018, a total of 36,126 vehicles. The reasons for the recall are also because the EMMC multimedia memory card fault problem.

Tesla Model 3

Masque acknowledges quality issues: “Yes, our production such as hell.”

However, to tell the truth, the vehicle recall is normal, after all, the public, Toyota, BMW and other global brands will often recall, fix the product or upgrade or exchange. It was an extremely normal thing. I didn’t expect that Mask received the quality problem of Tesla products in recent days. This self-deficient scar is quite surprised, because Masque is ” Family admitted, “The impression of Tesla” Special Love Pot “is reversed.

Tesla Model 3

Recently, the Mask Industrial Analyst Sandymunro Sandy Menro Interview, fairly “straightforward” recognized Tesla’s quality control issues.

Mask said that there is not enough time to dry the paint. His original words are translated: “We spent some time truly solving production problems. During the previous increase, we found that the paint did not dry, if we found it earlier, you can solve it earlier. In the process of speeding up the production line, you need to make the vehicle paint to dry, but in fact, there is not enough time to dry the paint. This is an example, yes, our production is such as hell. “I believe everyone listened to Mask After the words “blushing BOY”, they will react like Lao Luo: “what’s up”?

Tesla Model 3

Mask said Model S: “Maybe all the worst seats I have acclaimed.”

This is still not finished, Mask has exposed: “There is a friend asking me, what should I buy Tesla? My answer is either buy, or wait for the production to stabilize. Because in the production acceleration process, Let the production line rise at the same time to be perfect in all details. “

Tesla Model 3

Then, the same as Tesra is out of control, can’t stop the car, continue “self-criticism”: Model S earlier version of the seat is very bad “may be the worst seat in all the car I have.”

If the early product is only a bad seat, I believe that Han Han is the first disagree. When Tesla Gang was introduced into the Chinese market, it took a hundred hundred thousand people as a racer, and I bought a Tesra Model X. However, according to Han Han, he said in a rainy day, outside the rain, and the rain in Tesla. It can be seen that Tesla early products are not perfect.

Han Han Tesra leaks

J.DPower: 250 questions will occur every 100 Tesla!

If the early product is not perfect, it can also be understood, but according to incomplete statistics, the light is 2020 this year, China has undergone more than a dozen Tesla “out of control” accidents, the accident driver describes the incident Testla There is a problem of braking failure, automatic acceleration of failure. Although many users in China have embarked on the road of Teslawi, each time Tesla is perfectly “pushing” success.

Tesla Model 3

Although successful pods, “Slag Men” images of “Love Pot, Under Responsible”, also printed in the hearts of Chinese consumers. The so-called masses’ eyes are bright. In 2020, the US “Consumer Report” reliability ranking, Tesla ranked second; US Market Research Company J. DPOWER “2020 US Market New Car Quality Research Report” shows that Tesla initial quality is divided into 250pp100, with The first 136pp100 is far away, interprets that it is – 250 questions, and Tesla ranking at the bottom of each Tesla.

J.DPower “2020 US Market New Car Quality Research Report”

So, will you buy Tesla in 2021?

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