In recent years, domestic new energy automobile brands have been frequent, and the market has been vibrant. In addition to the traditional sense of the car Sanjie: Yifa, ideal, Xiaopeng, there are many new players who have come to success in the continuous seize market share. But under the contrast, there is no new forces to make a new force to compare with Xiaopeng. why? Because Xiaopeng cars have a treatment with other new energy car brands: frequently being “care” by Mask.

Review these two years, Mask, which boldly dare, did not raise the fire of Xiaopeng, from accusing his core technology, to ridicule Xiapeng’s automobile technology direction, there should be. Why is it “nine years of compulsory education”, Xiaopeng can “highlight”? All of this, you have to come from “Cao Guangzheng Event”.

Everything is from “Cao Guangzheng Emergency”

Cao Guangzhi is a senior engineer of the Tesra Autopilot Department, so-called “autopilot”, it is Tesla’s automatic auxiliary driving system. After the establishment of the AutoPilot project, Tesla opened the right to view the autopilot project source code for internal 40 employees. Cao Guangzhang is one of them.

According to Tesla’s statement, when Cao Guangzhi went to Xiaopeng from Tesla, Cao Guangzhi was found to copy a lot of autopilot before leaving the company. On March 22, Tesla, on March 22, Tesla officially gave Cao Guangzhi to court, accused it to steal Tesla’s commercial confidentiality.

During this time, Xiaopeng Automobile also opened an internal investigation for this incident. However, as of now, Tesla has not found evidence of Xiaopeng’s abuse of commercial confidential or other improper behavior, and the internal investigation of Xiaopeng Automobile also found any violations. This is the beginning of “Cao Guangzheng Event”.

Although the truth is, it is unknown, but it can be determined that from the “Cao Guangzhi incident”, Masque and Xiaopeng car’s Liangzi will end.

Mask began to bombard the Xiaopeng car

On December 22, 2019, an article entitled “Xiaopeng Autonomous R & D automatic driving technology to maintain low prices” is released in the external network. Subsequently, Mask commented under this article: “Self-developing” and attached two smiles.

This will be undoubtedly a ridicule of Xiaopeng, but Mask’s gun is still not ended. After 1 hour, when replying another netizen’s comment, Mask wrote: “That is really our inspiration (here, the automatic driving software of Xiaopeng), but is just the old version, so the effect is limited.”

In addition to the Internet, Mask also accidentally moved the battlefield to the line. At the 2019 conference, Mask publicly criticized the laser radar, and the “laser radar is too stupid, who is used to finish”. The drama is that a year later, the Guangzhou Auto Show, Xiaopeng Automobile said that “from 2021, laser radar technology began to improve the performance of automatic driving software.” This out, it seems to represent the counterattack of Xiaopeng, and how many of them should be hard to justice with Mask.

Shortly after the statement, Xiaopeng has been forwarded, foreign media forwarded the news: “The laser radar of Xiaopeng cars can greatly improve the accuracy of automatic driving.” This remarks stimulated Mask, which once again returned: “They (refer to Xiaopeng) have an old version of the software system, but there is no latest neural network computer.”

In addition, in another comment, Mask is a public point of Xiapeng: “It is obvious that this is only Xiaopeng Auto, and other Chinese companies are not”. ” From the perspective of public relations, Masque is undoubtedly smart. This sentence not only has a small pendher, but also maintains the image of his own brand in the Chinese market.

After things have not ended, then in responding to netizens’ comments, Masque continues to open around the gun, said: “Xiaopeng car also stole the code of Apple.”

“Stealing” this word is very eye-catching, so it is a time, Xiaopeng cars are pushed to the tip of the wind.

However, even if Mask has bombed, Xiaopeng cars did not have too many roots. From November 21, 2020, He Xiaopeng’s performance on Weibo was officially on the game: “It seems that Yesterday we released Xiaopeng next-generation automatic driving framework, let someone in the west is very uncomfortable. , Continuous use of Pigu. I want to say, rumors have proved that it is impossible to defeat any competitors. Beginning next year, automatic driving in China, you have to be able to find us to be able to find it, as for international, we Will meet. “

At this point, Tesla and Xiaopeng car battle officially started.

Conclusion: After the “Cao Guangzheng incident”, Tesla and Xiaopeng’s grievances have begun. Looking back on these years, Xiaopeng cars did not have less and Tesla. In addition to the state of speech, Xiaopeng on the product has been based on Tesla, the most significant is the small Pengpel P7 of the target Model 3. However, due to the successive price reduction of Model 3, the sales of Xiaopeng P7 are actually significantly affected. For the market, the current Xiaopeng cars is not enough to compete with Tesla. So in the future, what will Xiaopeng will further closer to Tesla in what progress? We will wait and see!

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