The new energy market, new concept, and new technologies are endless. But in fact, tell us that every time, it is time, the real student can behave. So we saw that in the green technology list of the National Development and Reform Commission, the whole aluminum body manufacturing technology of Chery new energy is located. Yes, some techniques are destined to live in the PPT, and some techniques can get “officials” to go throughout the country.

In many independent brands, technology has always been a large label of Chery. This is “Et”, which is both the technical strength, and the development of the industry. The treasure of the times, it is from hustle and bustle, but they will win the owner, and it will have a problem. Especially for technology, it is a screw, a drawing, a line of code gradually accumulate, and it is impossible.

At this point, Chery new energy is undoubtedly well, after more than ten years of autonomous aluminum body technology, it will not be recognized by everyone, but they have not given up, but silent, improve the technical point, and actively do the market Extension. Today, the wave of energy-saving and environmentally friendly is coming, Chery new energy is precisely stepped on the life pulse, and the whole aluminum body process is treated as an example, promoted to the country, so that all aluminum body technology that has not been faced out will move toward the stage.

Pick up the “double carbon” big flag

If it is said that the new energy market has been promoted by subsidies in the past decade, then the next decade, even the next ten years? Many new energy industry people will think of dual points, but it is far more than.

Last year, my country solemnly promised to achieve carbon peaks in 2030 in 2030, in 2060. Since then, carbon-up peaks and carbon, this “double carbon” combination is officiallycomes new kinetic energy in my country’s economic development. And strict, due to the pursuit of “double carbon” combination on energy conservation and efficient technology, not only will become a booster for new energy vehicles, but also play the role of lubricants, so that they are so fast.

In order to comprehensively cope with the “double carbon” combination, the Development and Reform Commission has also issued a “green technology promotion catalog (2020)” notice to other departments. We have discovered that there is a total of 5 major projects, a total of 116 technologies, but the incredible thing is that only two related to new energy vehicles: all-aluminum body manufacturing technology and efficient energy saving SiC power devices and module key technology.

In other words, in the new energy automotive industry, “double carbon” target can be achieved, and only all-aluminum body manufacturing techniques and high efficiency energy saving SiC power devices and module key technologies. The above-mentioned aluminum body technology is from Chery new energy, but this is not only greatly recognized to Chery New Energy’s aluminum body technology, but also a strong intensive needle for all-aluminum body technology in the industry.

Many people are confused, why is this pulse of the era of the era? Or why is Chery New Energy’s Aluminum Body Manufacturing Technology?

From the INTRIDENT INCRIC, the “green technology promotion catalog (2020)” is known that the essence is to achieve “double carbon”, but how does “double carbon” fundamentally? For new energy vehicles, it is definitely not just a simple switch from oil to electricity, and the efficient driver is the core. So how do you drive efficiently? Either the body weight loss, or it is to improve the driving efficiency.

As for the body weight loss, it is lightweight, the most reliable solution is the application of material replacement, such as aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, resin and other new materials. In this regard, there are also the entire new energy auto industry in China. Chery new energy is a hipster. The layout of Chery’s new energy is lightweight, not only for more than ten years, but more importantly, R & D and market has been constructed of systemization, forming a closed loop, and has opened up sustainable development.

Due to the substantive breakthrough in technology research and development and market applications, the all-aluminum body technology of Chery new energy is also bonded by many glory. After more than ten years in all-aluminum body technology, Curi New Energy has had a lightweight aluminum body technology that completely independently intellectual property rights, only 124 pieces of the body of the body, but also set up “the first quantity. More than ten domestic first glory titles, including all aluminum body.

For example, in October last year, the “Aluminum Base Lightweight New Energy Passenger Car Short Process R & D Manufacturing” Project was completed, and the highest level awards of China Automotive Industry – 2020 “China Automotive Industry” Science and Technology Progress Award “First Prize. This award is also known as the “Oscar” of the Chinese Automobile industry, the only China Automotive Industry approved by the National Science and Technology Commission, has a major influence of the automotive industry.

Moreover, it is to note that this is the award again after the 2013 CVT non-established transmission project. In the history of Anhui for more than 20 years, only 3 times as the lead unit won the “China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Progress Award”, two of which flowers in Quiry, which can be seen that Chery’s research and development strength.

In addition, Chery New Energy’s “Aluminum Base Lightweight New Energy Passenger Car Short Process R & D Manufacturing Key Technology and Equipment” project, the first closed cross section multi-cavity aluminum profile body skeleton and detachable polymer composite body The new structure of electric vehicle has been written as a typical case to “Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Technology Road Map Annual Assessment Report 2019”, Chery New Energy truly practice what is called “technical example”.

See the product true chapter with technical strength

As we all know, it is not just that the aluminum body technology is not just Chery new energy. The traditional brand includes Jaguar Land Tiger, the new forces include Tesla, escort and other brands, and have a good building in the whole aluminum body technology. But why does the Development and Reform Commission have selected all the aluminum body technology of Chery new energy? This is to analyze the strength of the whole aluminum body technology of Chery new energy. In fact, in terms of material level, the reasons for the Chiuri New Energy All-aluminum body process is not just a whole aluminum body, but also the high molecular material cover, the first short process process, the production cost reduction, and the cost reduction is obvious. A comprehensive consideration.

We can take the original description of the National Development and Reform Commission, which is easier to understand: “Select Closed Section Aluminum Alloy extruded profiles and thermoplastic glass enhancement composites as body skeleton and cover materials, using ‘squeeze / bend / welding – Type / adhesive / spray – loaded ‘integrated short process process, built a multi-model flexible welding production line, realizing short processes, low materials, low emissions and intelligent production. “

The full term of this technology is the “aluminum basis lightweight new energy passenger car short processes”, which is referred to. Its industry significance is mainly shown to achieve four “international pioneers” and “international”. First creation:

1. The design method and development system of aluminum alloy frame body integrating material structure performance integration;

2, the first body skeleton composed of septated multi-cavity aluminum profiles and the new structure of the body of the body skeleton detachable polymer material vehicle body is structured, subverted German humanity, Lancome in the 1925 invention Shell body structure;

3, the first short process process, greatly reduced the stamping process and mold development, using the advantages of lightweight in the closed cross-sectional multi-cavity structure, greatly reduced lightweight cost;

4, the first first realization of scale production, project technology has been applied to Chery small ants, big ants, etc., in the past three years have reached 106,000 units.

In addition to the product, the aluminum body process is blue, Chery new energy has introduced two pure electric platforms of LFS and @life. At present, the best-selling small pure electric car is from the LFS pure electric platform. It is also the first new energy pure tram type built by lightweight all-aluminum body in the domestic independent brand. It realizes bicycle carbon emissions 112 kg CO2 / The production process is 11.9 kg CE / unit; the speed of the vehicle is 9.7 kWh / 100km ultra low level.

The recently officially renamed big ants are from the @life platform, which uses the world’s first aluminum profile frame body + outer cover composite material, weight reduction by 30%, rigidity is increased by 20%, reaching 26967 nm / °, reaching material utilization is 96 %, Aluminum base body can recover 100%, truly low energy consumption, recyclable, and more environmentally friendly. It is reported that the large ants of the whole aluminum body can be increased by 7%.

According to the “New Energy Automotive Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)” (Draft for Comment), 100 kilometers will be the core technical indicators of pure electric vehicles, but also a criterion for evaluating high technical content. It is reported that by 2025, the average power consumption consumption of pure electric passenger cars needs to be reduced to 12 kWh / 100 kilometers, and according to the current electric drive technology, it is difficult to achieve this technical indicator according to the current electric drive technology, and it will be lightweight. The whole aluminum body technology will be a standard for electric vehicles.


At the moment of the new technology concept, Chery new energy aluminum body crafts were selected for the Green Technical list of the Development and Reform Commission, promoted to the country, can be said to be a powerful root of poaching of poor currency. At the same time, with the shortage of new energy waves, as well as policy on the power consumption of vehicle, Chery New Energy All-aluminum body technology under “Net World Yoo Future” brand development concept will receive more attention, and will also cause other new The energy manufacturer is invested in the development and application of all-aluminum body technology, which in turn promotes the overall breakthrough in China’s new energy technology, and the overall jump of China’s new energy products.

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