Just arrived in February, the car circle triggered many “earthquakes”, BYD officially announced a large-scale personnel change, the most compelling is a new high-end brand, and the general manager of BYD Sales Co., Ltd. Zhao Changjiang It will be transferred to the high-end brand and is responsible for the construction of the construction.

According to the official disclosure, the internal code of the high-end model is “R” project, which will form a strong product matrix, which is the high-end R series, the dynasty series and the medium and low-end E series, which have almost included on the market. All prices of models are really “a network”.

Interestingly, in the propaganda projection of the BYD Group, we have seen the information of “R2”, and the official is “super coupe” for its positioning, and provides some basic information, such as four rounds. Independent drive function, 100 km acceleration will be less than 2.9 seconds, up to 17500 rpm, and the speed ratio is increased to 10.75.

Photo shows BYD E-SEED GT concept car

For consumers who are not familiar with BYD, it may think that all of this is too sudden. In fact, not this, BYD has started the development of the coupe in a few years ago, from BYD E-seed GT The concept car can be seen. Although I just released a concept version, we saw that almost complete “inheritance”, especially the color, especially the color, and the overall design elements and the concept car. .

Photo shows BYD E-SEED GT concept car

In addition, the E-SEED GT concept car can reach 800 hp, the 100-kilometer acceleration is 2.9 seconds, and the secondary “R2” super coupe is consistent, and the preliminary judgment is that it is possible to be in the E-SEED GT concept car. Based on the new adjustment, the value may have some changes, and the overall power performance and drive mode will greatly increase, especially the “four-wheeled independent drive” function, and the patent publication in BYD in front of time. If you really can use the “four-wheeled independent driver”, then the new car will be able to achieve the function of the local rotation, 90 degrees “bend” and other functions, and can easily complete the parking and pass some complex pavements.

We will continue to pay attention to the information about BYD high-end brands and new super coupe.

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