2020 quietly, European pure electric car sales list is freshly released, the top five are Renault Zoe, Tesla Model 3, Volkswagen ID.3, Modern Kona EV and Audi E-Tron. What is surprising is that the first place is not in the market. The third Volkswagen ID 1.3 also has an unusual meaning. After all, it is officially listed until the end of the year, so Sales have been shocked enough. So, let us know more about these five “leaders” in the European pure electric car market.

Renault Zoe

2020 sales: 99,613 vehicles

The reason why Renault Zoe can appear first in the list, with the use of the car concept of the European consumption group and the relationship between the vehicle environment. Although Renault Zoe’s “head” is not big, its unique seat layout brings a relatively good storage space, and a small body is also suitable for European car environment.

It is reported that Renault Zoe’s battery life can reach nearly 400km, although it is not particularly advantageous, but in the field of pure electric fields reaches the middle upstream level.

Tesla Model 3

2020 sales: 87,642

Model 3 is a very familiar car. Tesla’s strong brand aura is destined to model 3 itself is not an unusual model, and the technical advantage of Titra is given to Model 3 high enough. reliability.

Speaking of Model 3, I believe everyone is very familiar. The European version is also divided into long-term-wheel drive and performance version. The WLTP endless mileage is 544km and 530km, and the zero hundred acceleration time is within 5 seconds. Not exaggerated, whether it is the endless mileage, or the 60th acceleration time, Tesla Model 3 has a great advantage in five cars.

Volkswagen ID.3

2020 sales: 56937

Volkswagen ID.3 can be said to be Renault Zoe’s largest opponent, and its listing is only half a year, and in September began to pay, more than 50,000 sales have been unusual. It is difficult to find that in the 2021 pure electric car market in Europe, the sales of Volkswagen ID 1.3 is likely to exceed Renault Zoe, become a new round of market “sales crowns”.

In terms of power, Volkswagen Id.3 provides three versions, and WLTP endless miles can reach 330km, 420km, and 550km, and the endless mileage is the only model in several cars.

Modern Kona EV

2020 sales: 48,537

Modern status in China is “a thousand feet”, but the status of Europe is not reduced, modern Kona Ev is the domestic sales in the domestic sales. Biased the radical line to make the whole vehicle look more blind, “frog” headlights bring a bit sharp, and the two-color body design has added a lot of personal effects, compared to other days. The color of the car, modern Kona Ev seems to be more in line with the “appetite” of young consumers.

In terms of power, modern Kona EV provides different battery packs in two groups of 39.2kWh and 64kWh, and the battery life is 305km and 484km respectively, and it can be called “leader” in the same level.

Audi E-Tron

2020 sales: 35,463

Audi E-TRON is the greatest, practical space, higher brand recognition and relative good value in the five cars, which make it a high heat in the market, even in the first half of 2020. It was rated as “Europe’s best-selling pure electric SUV”.

In terms of power, Audi E-TRON is equipped with a 95KWH motor, the peak output power can reach 300kW, the peak torque can reach 664 N ยท m, the zero hundred acceleration time is 5.7s, for a 4.9m SUV model For example, such a grade is quite good. In addition, the rapid charging of E-TRON is also worthy of praise, only 10 minutes can supplement the vehicle enough to travel 110 kilometers.

Conclusion: Overall, pure electric cars are still mainstream development directions in the automotive market. The choices among this field will be more and more, and the five pure electric vehicles have a thousand autumn, all have their own advantages and weakness. So, this hot sale 5 cars, which car is the most among you?

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