With the new design of the red flag E-QM5, this car is clearly bright. This is not only because of the design of the designed design; but also to solve the short board problem of electric technology, so that the new design has been launched, it has received extensive attention.

It can be said that the red flag has been very obvious, perhaps, because the red flag is erected in the industry, so that the red flag is in the new manufacturing, it has become one of the most prominent phenomena of independent manufacturing. . It is not difficult to see from nearly a year of red flag cars, although there is a constant fluctuation, but the speed and design of the new car is all awkward. This is the Hongqi Automobile and China’s economic development. Also make people “walk back” as quickly as possible to the Hongqi car. Therefore, when this represents E-QM5 designed with the new product of electric vehicle era, it will naturally show different previous effects.

The characteristics of new design, why people feel happy

From the first impression of this new car, there are many differences, not only very well controlled the design effect in the new manufacturing brand; at the same time, many natural design elements are also introduced, so that new cars have more designs, this Perhaps it is that this car can really touch people.

As a new design, change and aesthetic characteristics, it is undoubtedly a key link to consumers, especially the design performance of the design of the two major design projections of the head and the car and the design, which determines the design innovation. Therefore, when people appreciate a new car, they will undoubtedly, they will focus on the two major structures of the head and the car tail. And this E-QM5 design, in the front of the head, it is arranged, and it is characterized. In particular, the design selects a combination of nature in nature to see the long habbit shape, and the design structure is used, which not only makes the lamp organically in design modeling, but also makes the main body design full of natural and vivid results. If the rabbit shape design designed by the car intake grill is more cute and unique …, this is the overall front face design, bringing people’s favorite new elements. As a result, the new design is presented very well.

Similarly, the Red Flag E-QM5 is still designed, which is still divided into different conventional structural arrangements, which makes the new car and aesthetic characteristics, which make people feel deep about this new car. From this point, the red flag E-QM5 is characterized by the characteristics of the era.

Integration into strong technology to red flag new car

It can be seen that this red flag E-QM5, in addition to designing a new feature accident, greater advantage is that the integration of BYD in electric technology, this makes the red flag new manufacturing, and it has highlighted the design and New advantage of technology. Others don’t say, the previous red flag car often ignore the small technology, which makes consumers have to worry about the Hongqi brand. Now, the red flag caravan is very good to realize the importance of comprehensive development on the brand, and it is indeed consent!

This time, the launch of Hongqi E-QM5 is designed to seek new changes, technical efforts to promote strong combinations, which have explained the red flag to the big hand of the forging brand advantage. Among them, the red flag E-QM5 uses BYD blade battery technology, which has greatly illustrated the true potential of this car.

It is known that BYD “Blade Battery” is actually a lithium iron phosphate battery because its shape is long, and the thickness is thinner. Compared with the traditional battery pack, the volume utilization rate of “blade battery” has increased by more than 50%, that is, the endless mileage can increase by more than 50%, reaching the same level of high energy density ternary lithium battery. While bringing battery energy density, it maintains high temperature resistance, non-combustible combustion, etc. attribute, and has higher safety relative to the ternary lithium battery.

This time, the red flag E-QM5 can be made to the new car, nature is a higher manifestation. We have to enjoy the courage and ability of Hongqi! Perhaps, it is because of such a new move, you can bring the red flag brand to an unimaginable height …!

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