Editor’s press: For recent Tesla Nanchang owners, there is an abnormal situation after charging, Tesla is openly apologized, and it is preliminary judgment that the fault is caused by instantaneous current overload when charging.

In response to this matter and Tesra occupied public resources, the Big Bull Author’s trifolded to the first electric network. The point of view is that Tesla is not only the cheese of Nanchang Power Grid, but also the cheese of the Chinese urban public! Special, self-enclosed, monopoly resources, occupied land, Tesla should apologize to the Chinese public.

The big public parking lot, put the author outside the door

Tesla has recently fired a lot, but it is not because of its cool and unparalleled electric cars, but the super charging station, because the wrong current overload theory will apologize to Nanchang Power Grid.

However, the author is even more than saying that you should not just just Nanchang grid, but more Chinese cities. Next to the cell, a public parking lot filled with 18 charging piles, completely closed, other brand electric cars and fuel cars are rejected. The author wants to ask, you earn money in China’s biggest market, but also account for the territory of our city.

Turning the information, foreign Tesla is also overbearing, two years ago, Northern Carolina’s Hibiri, there is a group of pickup drivers to block the road to a Tesla super charging station with their truck. They “invade” Tesla charging station, because the station has an impact on their lives and travel, “invading” local residents originally scarce power, venues and other resources.

According to the load calculation of this super charge station, the author is almost less than 150KW, and the total power of 18 charging piles has reached nearly 3000kW, which is equivalent to a thousand residential power consumption, and this Electricity resources are occupied, other sea fishing, Wandao, and amusement parks will not start because of electricity.

With the development of the electric motor industry, the number of charging piles is also rapidly increased. In order to meet high-speed flow vehicles and people in the city, the general charging station is built in the city center, but the downtown scarce resource attribute decided, parking Both the field and power resources are all shared, especially in the middle and large-scale cities, often in the middle of the people, often a hard time, Tesla exclusive area, exclusive electricity undoubtedly cause a lot of trouble to the city.

According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Public Security, as of the end of 2020, the national new energy vehicle has reached 4.92 million, if the current vehicle ratio is about 3: 1, according to this data. It should be said that there will be more charging stations to build to the urban area in the future, but everyone knows that the charging station of China’s charging pile operator is to share resources, and Tesla is exclusive. Who is moving? Cheese?

Site cheese exclusive

In the face of relatively tense parking, Tesla takes the form of direct buyout or rental, building Tesla charging station, according to private, not only other brand vehicles can’t enter the station, even Tesla owners The parking lot should charge high costs.

According to the network, most Tesla chargestock station parking fees exceed 10 yuan per hour, and the extra occupancy fee is taken, when the idle (free parking space is less than 50%) 3.2 yuan / minute, busy (no vacant park) 6.4 yuan /minute. Calculate, 1 hour fee can be up to 384 yuan.

Some people say that this is not a moon of the moon? What should we wait next to us when we charge?

Other netizens have calculated oil prices, saying that this is the rhythm of one minute.

Recently, a Tesla owner in Beijing shared his previous timeout bill on the Internet. The bill showed that the owner had timeout occupied by 64 minutes, and it is currently necessary to pay 204.8 yuan (tax included), which is indeed a small fee.

We all know that public site resources are limited, how to maximize effective use has always been a matter of everyone. Parking resources are the public, not someone, a company, Tesla this behavior is that nakedly invaded the interests of the Chinese people.

Electricity cheese exclusive

As we all know, the city’s electricity load is limited, but the rapid charging station is a big problem for the burden of the grid, which will bring a lot of trouble to the residents of the surrounding communities.

Many people are unclear, a Tesla fast-filled pile is even equivalent to electric power of a community building, if the peak is full of high-load fast charge, will form an unbearable impact on the distribution network.

In 2020, Tesla proposed superchard concept. The power of a single pile of charging pile will increase to 250 kilowatts. If dozens of piles are connected together, it is equivalent to electric resources around several communities by Tesla charging stations. Occupy, and the charging station is not open to the public, and it is open to the public.

In this way, not only, the power resources are taken up, but occupied the resources of the power network, which occupied the infrastructure resources of China’s urban support, and violated the interests of the Chinese public, and such high-power charging piles, the current instantaneous overload is normal, if it is in accordance with Tus The interpretation of the passenger clothing, the current overload is prone to failure, where there is a safe issue such as spontaneous combustion, which will also affect the safety of surrounding residents.

Monopoly standard monopoly

According to an expert in the standardization technology committee of electric vehicle charging facilities that is unwilling to disclose, China’s electric vehicle charging has perfect standards, but Tesla is independent of China. Not long ago, a website is published: “Tesla’s charging pile mode is pitted in the electric vehicle industry in the world”! The staff of Tesla Shanghai Pudong Super Charge Station also said that Tesla charger can only charge Tesla brand models, and other brands cannot be charged. Its large-scale construction super charging station in the Chinese market is the plunder and waste of China’s electric power, the station resource.

The article pointed out that China’s electric vehicle industry has been brought into the pit by Tesla, and Tesla has a few original sins. First, in order to monopolize private interest, specialize in personalized charging pile mode, and affect To other manufacturers, China is affected, especially; second, intentionally design different dimensions of lithium battery modules, the battery modules between the car and the car are universal, seriously constrained the development of this industry; third, charging pile mode is not in It cannot be shared with other brand vehicles, which is a great waste of national electricity, venue and other resources.

This winter, new energy cars always walk in the tip of the tone. Tesla, lived in hot, constantly broke the news, the heat is not reduced, the problem is much …

Tesla, you move not only the cheese of Nanchang Power Grid, but also the cheese of the Chinese urban public! Special, self-enclosed, monopoly resources, occupied land, do you have to apologize to the Chinese public?

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