Mazda has always been a lot of heroic gods in the eyes of premises, but it has been sold in the Chinese market. The manufacturer seems to be deliberately pursued the design, so Chinese consumers have attached great importance to factors such as the rear space for the vehicle. Angara, Attez and other wheels are all in the same level, but because the rear row is too popular and the abnormal sound of the interior part, the sales performance has not been good.

In short ago, Mazda officially released a set of pictures, and the picture was the new MX-30 EV of Mazda. In fact, familiar with Mazda, this brand knows that in October 2019, the MX-30 EV model has been launched, but the model launched in the time is only for the left rumor, and the car is sold for a total of more than a year. About 10,000 units, sales in the rules. As the big camp of Mazda, Japanese right rudder version until now, I just launched, I don’t know how much can I sell?

In fact, the models of Mazda have been very bright in the design, and this MX-30 EV is equally excellent. The compact body makes this vehicle look full, and slightly carrying the back roof also makes this vehicle look more young. The suspended cockpit created by two-color splicing body seems very delicate and full. It is worth mentioning that the front and rear door of the car uses the open design, which is very rare in the current car industry, and even has a feeling of Rolls-Royce.

Inside the car, large-scale pure-black interior color matching meets many male consumers’ aesthetic tendencies. However, the words come back, Mazda has always pursued the control of many male consumers. Some white, coffee colors in the details, and more refined in the car, more friendly for many female consumers. As for other aspects, it is different from the previous model, and the two mode control screens are also relatively rare design.

In terms of power, the new version of MX-30 EV has a subtle change. Although the power system is still the E-SkyActiv pure electric drive system, the maximum power is lowered from the previous 145 horsepower to 143 horsepower, the maximum torque is raised from 265 Nm to 271 Nm, the maximum battery life has increased from the previous 200 kilometers 256 kilometers, I believe this performance can help this new car to reverse the decline.

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