For Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, the author believes that many people are not strange. Although this car launched the market in the second half of 2020, it has been popular in the domestic market, but also become a black horse on the new energy car market. It has also become a black horse in China’s car market in 2020. In December of the battle of 2020, the sales volume reached 3,2097, although the new car launched for half a year, but it handed over 119,255 units, and only in the new energy segment. Second to Tesra Model 3 If the new car will launch a month, the new energy market champion is not good.

On the streets of the country, we will often see this stepchy artifact. The starting price is less than 30,000 yuan, but it is a legitimate passenger car, which is much better than those who have the so-called elderly, not so. Although the battery life is general, but according to the radius of the daily activity, many small cities are used to have enough, recent recent, and it has launched a new version of the new version of the model of more than 200 kilometers, giving consumers more choices.

The price is surprised, the price is super high, and the safety of such a stepchy artifact is safe. What is the safety? We can say through a traffic accident in the nearly online hot discussion. Recently, we saw a traffic accident through the Internet. Due to the news involved in the vehicle license plate, we didn’t exactly what happened to the accident. However, the protagonist is a Wuling Hongguang Nini EV and Mercedes-Benz Gle. It is a topic collision accident. Therefore, the news will lead to netizens. Let’s take a brief look at the traffic accident that happened in the city.

From the news screen, this crash accident happens in an intersection of the city, and the Wuling Hongguang Nini EV and Mercedes-Benz GLE two car heads have touched together. From the perspective of the collision, it can even be seen as a 50%. Bias collision. From the accident screen from the front person, Mercedes-Benz GLE is damaged, but not only the front bumper is falling and damaged, but the hood of the car is almost dropped, the head of the car is scattered, from the screen’s collision To the extent, it is likely to be damaged in the engine compartment.

Look at Wuling Hongguang Nini EV This pertrome, the damage is much smaller than Mercedes Gle, the front of the new car, the headlights and the medium network loss are damaged, and the left side of the macro MINI EV is hit first. Mercedes-Benz Gle, its left front wing plate appeared slightly. From the loss of the two cars on the scene, although it is in a city intersection, the speed is not too low at the time. From the two cars crash, Mercedes-Benz GLE’s large hub and macro MINI EV are more visual effects.

One of the two cars in this collision is Mercedes Gle. This is an imported large SUV. The starting price is nearly 700,000 yuan. The top-bearing model is more than 900,000 yuan. The new car is safe and passive. The configuration is quite rich, and the Wuling mulberry mini EV is revealed. The start price is only 2.88 million yuan. The top-bearing model price is only 38,800 yuan, the price is not as good as Mercedes GLE. The price is nearly a million yuan, and the main passive safety configuration is rich. The Hong Kong Nini EV is not equipped with a balloon, the price is only 28,800 yuan. Not only that, the car weight, the two cars is also the astiological, Mercedes GLE’s car weight is over 2 tons, while the vehicle MINI is only 0.665 tons.

Therefore, whether it is from a safe configuration, or from the vehicle weight, Mercedes GLE is obviously more advantageous, but after a collision accident, the result is surprising. However, this collision traffic accident, the degree of injury is caused by various factors, including strength, angle, etc., and single from the vehicle damage to which vehicle is safer, there is a bit of grassroots. What do you think of this Wulinghong Mini EV hits Mercedes-Benz Gle’s traffic collision? Welcome to the comment area below the article, interact with us.

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