Ideal One should be the most successful model in the new power of the car. Since its delivery, sales have climbed. In December last year, Ideal One handed over 6126 good results, created its single-month sales record, increased by 529.6% year-on-year; the whole year, Ideal One is sold 32624, and it has become the fastest to complete 30,000 The new power of the delivery is delivered.

It is worth noting that ideal one is also a medium-sized SUV of 328,000 yuan, and it is very difficult to deliver 30,000 vehicles in a year. Therefore, ideal one is full of topics, recently because of the ratio of ratio of ratio is boiling online.

Online flowing on a table of new forces of the new forces, involving the one-year ratio rate of the brand models such as Weilai, Xiaopeng, Zero Run and other brand models and 1 year discount price information, the ideal one The 83.05% of the year is the highest in the audience.

This table only gave data, but did not give the source of data, the author guess this may be statistics based on the data given by some used car websites, the real value rate is to be scrutinized. In fact, the second-hand car market is basically difficult to see ideal one, and it can even be said to be “a car is hard to ask”.

The “one car is hard to ask” is not that the second-hand car market is hot, but the car is very small. The root cause is that the car is unwilling to spend high price. The ideal one owner is not willing to sell at a low price, even the original original paint Thousands of kilometers of quenching car, car dealership quotation will also be 200,000, the owner is definitely not willing to sell.

The worry of the car is also very direct: Ideal One is an engine, but it is an electric car; the ideal one brand is still too small, many car dealers have never done this brand, afraid that in the hands; Ideal One warranty policy Only for the first user, the used car is not enjoyed.

In fact, the new energy car preservation rate is low, and it is only ideal one, so many people have so many people open an ideal one to the second-hand car merchant, mainly because some people are too speculative ideal one. Inspection rate, the 83.05% of the annual 83.05% belongs to self-ingdom, and it is estimated that the ideal I don’t dare to say this.

In response to the price of the used car, there are also vendors to push “repurchase” or “official second-hand car”. For example, Geely Geometry has two years and seven-fold repo, and it is also officially released the second-hand car business, 5 years investment 3 billion yuan promoted the operation of the Used car business, with official commitment, the value of the value can naturally be guaranteed. But the official repurchase is only for your own brand, so there are more manufacturers to follow up.

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