Today is January 7, 2021, which is a special day for Tesla Fans, especially Chinese fans. Because, the significance of Tesla was on January 7.

On January 7, 1943, local time is the day of the legendary physicist Nikola Tesla. And Tesla’s naming is to commemorate the physicist Tesla.

Beijing Time January 7, 2019, is the foundation of the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory, which is extraordinary for Tesla.

Beijing Time January 7, 2020, is the day when the domestic Model 3 is delivered, and Mask dances in the delivery ceremony. It is still a better mention of global fans.

Congratulations on Mask, congratulations, and congratulations @Bubus. I didn’t expect that this life also has the opportunity to participate in the myth of the rich. If we do our early car to support Tesla, maybe Mask will no longer have a chance to sit on the rifle. Congratulations to Mask, congratulations on all Tesla owners, this richest is we hold together, be sure to love!

Mask has been known as “Silicon Valley Iron Man”, “Realistic Iron Man”, can actually, he is more powerful than the real Iron Man Tony Stark! At least in wealth, it is far more than Tony Stark (according to the 2013 Bobus Virtual Character Wealth List data, Iron Man’s personal property is $ 12.4 billion. Since then, the list is not updated)!

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